Pantry Essentials for the Healthy Girl

Hey Smart Girls, Leigha here! An important part of eating healthy is to be prepared. If you don’t have healthy snacks in the fridge or pantry, you’re more likely to go out for fast food or pizza late at night. Today I’m sharing some of my fridge and pantry essentials – I always have these on hand!

carrots mushrooms brussel sprouts and spinach

Produce: I love my veggies! I always have spinach, carrots (+ hummus), and frozen broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn… you get the idea. Sometimes I have fresh mushrooms and those brussel sprouts are a new purchase! Since taking these pictures I’ve tried them – yum.

almond milk and cottage cheese and yogurt

Dairy: Almond milk, greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. I’m not a huge fan of greek yogurt so I mainly use that for my smoothies. Cottage cheese goes in smoothies as well as oats (try it!) and almond milk gets used for all the regular milk duties.

bananas, peanut butter, bread, and oats

The Essentials: I could live off of these 4 items. Bananas, peanut butter, bread, and oats. Need I say more?

tuna and black beans

Pantry: I always have some cans of black beans and tuna. They can make an simple dinner in a pinch – tuna salad, black bean salad, tuna and black bean salad, tuna cakes, skinny greek yogurt tuna salad, the list is endless!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas! With a little planning, it’s really not that hard to eat healthy while still eating yummy things and not breaking the bank!


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