School's Out – Now What?

So, school’s out. If you aren’t old enough to have a job, or if things just didn’t work out and you aren’t working at an internship or anything like that, summer can get pretty boring pretty quickly.

I remember being bored out of my mind as June came to a close and July began. The glamour of sleeping in had worn off, the heat was starting to get unbearable, and none of my friends seemed to be in town at the same times I was.

Over the years, I finally figured out some things that made the long, hazy days more fun!


There are always people who need help. Be it your mom with making dinner, your local hospital, or the animal shelter in the next county. Get online and scope out some volunteer opportunities for kids your age in your area. Even better, you can recruit a friend into going with you, and make it 10x more fun!

Create something

A girl in my senior class created a camp for girls in her neighborhood last summer, and it was super successful. She had about 10 girls over to her house every day, and hosted them with activities from slip-n’-slides, painting, baking, etc. If you are terribly bored and want to give all the hardworking parents in your neighborhood a break, create the camp and put up fliers all around your neighborhood to attract the campers.

Get ahead

Yep, schoolwork. This may or may not be a last resort, but hey it’ll help you in the long run. Do all of your summer reading, and if you really want to go the extra mile, e-mail your teachers and ask for any extra credit opportunities. Your GPA will be grateful later.

I hope that these ideas help you all with some ways to fill your summer!

Have a great day!

Victoria Norris

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