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As the summer days are quickly coming to an end, college move in days are also approaching very fast. For many incoming freshmen, this summer has been a time to not only prepare for college, but also to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. It can be a scary thought as you and your friends of many years, go off to different schools all over. Although it will be sad to leave each other, use these simple methods and staying in touch will be a breeze!


Going from seeing each other every day in high school to spending months without each other can be tough. Utilize video chat programs like Skype or Facetime to stay connected. After settling in and figuring out your schedule, set a time and day that you and your friends have free time and make it a point to video chat at that point weekly. You’ll be able to talk to each other face to face and maintain a sense of normalcy, even if you are miles away.

Group Text Message

With my friends, we have a group text message that is constantly in use, whether for making plans or just to talk. When everyone is in all different places, make sure to keep it up. Use a group text message or an app like GroupMe (a free app that works on all devices) to update each other on what’s going on at school. Just a simple text saying hi or sharing a funny thing that happened to you reminds each other that you are still connected, no matter where you might be.

Facebook Group

Facebook may not be as popular as it once was with you and your friends, but it can still be a great tool to stay in touch. Create a private group and invite all your friends to join. You can post pictures, videos or just updates about what is going on in each of your lives. This allows all of you to post whenever you want and is good if it’s hard to find a time in your busy schedules to talk each week.

Get Together on Breaks

Although it’s important to figure out a method that works best for you and your friends to stay in touch while at college, it’s equally as important to make time for each other while at home. During schools breaks or weekends when everyone is back home, make it a point to get together. Go to dinner, see a movie or just simply catch up together at someone’s house.

Staying close and involved in each other’s lives is entirely what you make of it. As long as everyone is dedicated and willing, staying in touch will come second nature to you and these tips will make it even easier for all college aged Smart Girls to maintain their amazing friendships.


Kaitlyn Mitchell

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Kaitlyn Mitchell

Kaitlyn Mitchell is a writer for the High School section of the Smart Girls Group. She is a sophomore at Villanova University, majoring in English with a minor in Business. Aside from writing, she is involved with community service and greek life on campus and loves to read, shop and travel.