4 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job or Internship

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Having a dream is like, the only prerequisite to being part of Smart Girls Group. Whether that be a dream to learn a little more or change the world, the idea of having a dream is something we all share. Our most commonly shared dream lies in professionalism: some Smart Girls know exactly what they want to do when they are older and just want a little help being pushed in the right direction. Well, ask and they shall receive! Here’s four steps to landing your dream job or internship.




1. Just Ask Around

People seriously underestimate the power of just asking. Sending out an email or even a tweet about your interest shows that you take initiative in not only your work but also your life! Every company/human in general needs help, often more than you need the experience—just make sure they know you’re available to be the one to do it!

Woman studying


2. Research, Research, Research

Don’t just research, though: study. Educate yourself more about the things that matter to you. Sure, if you’re in college then you’re taking classes, but that’s not enough. When has doing the minimum ever been enough? Instead, learn everything you possibly can. Not only will this motivate yourself AND help you out later in your work, but your employers will also be impressed by your dedication.

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3. Do What’s Fun For You

For some reason, this is a step that Smart Girls often skip. Sometimes, people will partake in a little activity called “resume refining”—that is, only participating in things they think will make them appear more marketable. However, you’ll quickly learn that if you participate in the things that actually inspire and interest you, it’ll naturally lead you exactly the kind of work you were born to do.


4. Become a GEM

Whether you’re interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, fashion, journalism, etc., there is something to be learned from Chloe + Isabel’s Growth and Empowerment through Merchandising program! Apply by November 30th to gain real-world experience in everything from sending professional emails to networking to selling a product. Click here to apply!


Want to build your bank account while you build your resume? Click here for more information on the Chloe + Isabel GEM program!

Want to shop  with a GEM member now? Below is the list of college Smart Girls in GEM and links to their Online Boutiques!

Ally W. – Marietta College

Andrea M. – University of Wisconsin

Ashlee Z. – Bowling Green University

Brynne M. – Florida State University

Cassie C. – Florida International University

Chelsea D. – New Mexico State University

Courtney B. – Belmont University

Elana P. – Michigan State University

Genevieve B. – Florida Technical University

Hannah Jo B.- University of Oklahoma

Jackie D. – Louisiana State University

Jenna B. – Gardner-Webb University

Jenna S. – Stanford University

Jesse G. – University of Colorado

Jess W. – Kent State University

Johanna C. – Michigan State University

Karlee D.- University of West Georgia

Karoline K. – Michigan State University

Kelsie D. – Michigan State University

Kim S. – Fordham University

Kirstin L. – St. Mary’s College

Kristela R. – University of Central Florida  

Megan L. – Stevenson University

Nicole L. – Wake Forest University

Riley S. – Baldwin Wallace University

Samantha D. – Savannah College of Art and Design

Samantha H. – University of Alabama

Samantha Z. – University of Michigan

Sarah R. – University of Virgina

Sophie J. – University of Oregon

Stuti A. – Rutgers University

Taylor H. – George Washington University

Victoria Y.- Johns Hopkins University


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