How to Not Starve (And Actually Eat Well!) in Your First Apartment


Finally living in an apartment while at college? Excited that you no longer have to eat in your school’s dining facility day in and day out, but not sure what to eat?

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Here are some simple tips to make healthy breakfasts and lunches an easy, delicious, and stress-free addition to your week.


-Milk and cereal! Takes five minutes to make and eat, so you can stay in bed for those precious extra minutes in the morning. Find a healthy cereal that’s low in sugar, and high in fiber and protein (I personally LOVE Cheerios!) It will keep you going throughout the day, plus the calcium and vitamin D from the milk will keep your bones healthy. Have a piece of fruit, like a banana, on the side for some added nutrients!

-Don’t like cereal? No problem! Get out the frying pan and make some eggs for yourself. Loaded with protein and nutrients, eggs will leave you full all morning long. This is an especially good choice for those who have classes back to back with no break!

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-Have a microwave? Perfect for some instant oatmeal. Choose plain oatmeal (Quaker is always a good option) instead of a sugary one. Mix in your own toppings, such as honey or some fruit. Much healthier, and more delicious!


Sandwich time!

Sandwiches are great to make in an apartment, because ingredients tend to have a long shelf life and can be packed in your bag for busy afternoons.

-Try buying a loaf of multi-grain or whole wheat bread. Freeze half of the bread, and wrap the other half in aluminum foil and store it in your fridge. (Stops your bread from going bad before you can eat it!)

-Buy lean meats, such as sliced turkey breast. Try to find the brands that come in pre-packaged, airtight, re-sealable containers (Applegate Farms is perfect for this, and is Organic!). This will allow you to buy a bunch of them at a time, because, as long as they’re unopened, they have a long shelf life (so you don’t have to run to the supermarket multiple times a week to stock up on lunch meat.)

-Build an amazing sandwich! Toppings that go great with turkey breast or other lean meats are hummus (especially roasted red pepper hummus! Try Cedar’s it’s delicious), sliced avocado, or other sliced veggies. YUM!

-Out of meat? Vegetarian? No problem! Keep a jar of peanut butter in your room, so on those days when your homework kept you from getting to the supermarket, you’ll still be able to have a filling lunch that’s filled with protein. Try adding sliced banana to your peanut butter sandwich, it’s delicious and much healthier than the traditional PB & J.

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-Have an apple, grapes, or any other fruit along with your sandwich to round out the meal and make you feel satisfied!

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