10 Fun Things to do With Your New Roomie

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Most of us spend the first 18 years of our lives with our own bedroom or sharing one with a sibling. College turns that a bit upside-down, however — now, you’re sleeping five feet away from a girl you’ve only just met. It doesn’t have to be a strange experience, though. In fact, many girls end up connecting with their new roommate big-time. You can jump on that bandwagon, too!

To get the ball rolling, you should first make a move to get in touch with your new roommate before you head off to university. Aside from coordinating who brings what, you can get to know this girl a bit better and find out what you have in common. Once you live together, you’ll have plenty of time to hang out. Here are 10 fun ways to build a bond with your new bunkmate:

See the Sights

There’s a good chance your university is in a city or town where you didn’t grow up, and the same goes for your roommate. That’s why the two of you should spend at least one afternoon exploring the place in which you live. Look up a great local café and get lunch, or wander until you find an intriguing shop or restaurant. The two of you could find “your place” where you end up hanging out for the next four years.


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No one ever said dorm rooms were pretty, but you and your new roommate can make yours a little bit more special. There are plenty of easy ways to make a space your own, whether you hang photos, buy some posters or string Christmas lights. So long as you do it together, you’ll both love it and feel at home there.

Swap Songs

In the age of headphones, you probably don’t hear much of what your roommate likes to listen to, and vice-versa. However, a mutual love of the same music is a great way to bond with someone, so make an effort to share your favorite songs with your new roommate. Have a listening party one night with snacks, or simply send each other playlists with your top 10 songs.

Go Out

One of the best things about college is the freedom it allows you to set your own curfew. You can go out and enjoy some of the most memorable parties and events you’ll ever attend. Having your roommate in tow means you’ll make these memories together and probably come up with some pretty fun inside jokes along the way. If you go to a party, though, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly. Just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you should get carried away.

Skip the Dining Hall


It’s a known fact that people bond over meals. And, while you and your roomie can certainly do so over dinners at the school dining hall, you can also try your hand at preparing food in the dorm. Even though most don’t come with full kitchens, there are still a lot of ways to do dorm cooking, so you can try fun, fresh new recipes that fit the season. You’ll probably tire of the dining hall’s revolving menu anyway, so this is a great way to hang out and mix it up.

Press Play

There’s no shame in loving Netflix — your new roommate probably does, too. If you’re trying to build a bond, why not do so by going on a Netflix binge together one rainy afternoon? You can start a new show side-by-side. It’ll give you something to talk about and a way to wind down after class together. Now, that’s a win-win situation.

Pamper Yourselves

You don’t always have to go out on the weekends. On those Friday nights where you’re pretty low on energy — think after a big exam or presentation — plan for a fun night in with your roommate. One relaxing option: a stay-at-home spa night. You can find recipes for easy-to-make face masks, paint each other’s nails and give each other up-dos. The possibilities for pampering yourselves are endless, even within the confines of on-campus housing.

Sweat It Out


Your campus probably has its fair share of fitness activities, from fitness classes to climbing walls. Find one that sparks your interest and ask your roommate if she wants to come along for the ride. It could be great in that you find a new form of exercise that you love, or great in that you’re both laughing at how bad you are at Zumba. Either way, you’ve had a great time together.

Tell Secrets, Sleepover-Style

You’re sleeping in the same room, so every night is basically a sleepover. However, we propose setting up a bona fide sleepover night, in which the two of you hang out and and have pillow talk all night long. Whether you want to gossip about the boys down the hall, tell stories about your ex or try and spook each other with roommate horror stories you’ve heard, a sleepover is the perfect way to get to know each other on a real-friend level.

Check Off Your Bucket List

What are the iconic things all students at your college have to do? Whether you want to attend a rivalry basketball game, drink out of a lucky water fountain or streak through the library (we won’t tell), write it down — with your roommate. Your mutual bucket list is easier to check off if you’re working together, so hop to it. You’ll never forget it, either.

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