7 Things to Ensure the Best Senior Year Ever!


Hello Class of 2014!

 So lets face it, everyone builds senior year up to be monumental year in your life. You are finally the oldest, the wisest, and you think, the coolest. In reality though, senior year is just another year lost between your awkward middle school days and your adult college life.

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However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is what you make it and everyone deserves to have an awesome senior year! For a lot of girls, it will be our last year ever living with our parents, and you might not believe me now, but the year will be over faster than you could ever imagine.

 I started out my senior year bitter and ready to get it over with. Every morning I would update my countdown till graduation on my chalkboard wall. One fall night, things reached an all time low; I was absolutely miserable! I was in the midst of pulling an all-nighter, trying to simultaneously study for AP psychology test while proof reading a book analysis that was also due the next day. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it then, but I broke down. As I was crying, I realized that I did not deserve a senior year this miserable. In that moment, I promised myself I would start living the senior year I had imagined, and not allow anything stop me from having the year of my life.

 (I suggest promising yourself this before you get to the point of hysteria as I did)

 In a nutshell, here are the 7 things I suggest, no not suggest, COMMAND you to do to make your senior year the most memorable one yet!

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1 | Start your applications early– I am not going to sit here and tell you that applications are easy and that they aren’t stressful at all.  But, if you are smart enough to get them done early in the year, then the less time you have to worry about them! Ask for your recommendations EARLY (earlier than everyone else, teachers get slammed with rec. letters). Stay organized; make lists, and stay on top of deadlines and you’re golden.

 2 | Go to football games– your goal of senior year should be to make as many memories as possible. Football games are an easy way to make amazing memories. Plus, high school football games are so just so special. The entire town gathers together and for once, your whole school is rooting for the same thing.

 3 | Dress up for Sprit week– Occasionally it’s fun to not take yourself seriously. Spirit week only comes around once a year and it’s your excuse to dress as crazy as you want with no judgment. Plus, showing the freshmen that it’s actually cool to dress up helps build school spirit in the underclassmen!

 4 | Take your classes seriously (but not too seriously)– It’s important to remember that colleges do check grades from senior year.  While you might be able to get away with a little slacking, I suggest finding a balance between schoolwork and social work.

 5 | Make new friends, but keep the old– One mistake that I think most seniors make is having the mindset of “I don’t need any new friends, because I’m graduating”. The reality could not be farther from the truth. Some of the greatest/ best friends I could ever have I made my senior year!

 6 | Remember prom is suppose to be fun– Prom is comparable to the black plague. When it hits, it hits hard. Some people (or couples) are strong enough to make it through to see the other side, while others are not as fortunate. Prom is planned to be fun. Not drama filled. Bottom line: have fun! If having fun is going with your 4 girl friends, then by all mean bypass the boy and go with friends! This insures a fun time!

 7 | Capture it all– One of the best parts of senior year? Being able to look back at all the memories you created. Fill up your space on your phone with pictures and always keep a camera within reach. Once senior year is over, it’s over. Pictures are an easy way to remember all the fun moments and all the unique memories. Once you’ve graduated and moving onto bigger things, you are going to be wishing you had pictures to look back at your high school days.  These are special times with special people and a little time now will be well worth the investment!



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