Ending the School Year On A Good Note



As the weather gets warmer and the school year is coming to an end, I think we can all agree that our minds focus more on summer and less on school. After going through a tough nine or ten months of stress, it’s only natural to want summer to come! However, it’s still really important to not let the thoughts of summer get in the way of school. You have to stay on track and stay focused in order to be successful at the end of the year! In order to make sure that happens, follow these guidelines below.

one // plan important dates
When I need to get something done by a certain date, I use my Lilly Pulitzer planner to plan everything out. I write down every single event and assignment on the days that they’re due. This helps me to plan ahead and see which tasks I need to get done first. If I don’t write down the date of an event or assignment, I completely forget about it because of all of the stuff I have going on in my life! Writing everything down will prevent anything bad from happening.

two // make a massive to-do list
My to-do lists always tend to be the longest at the end of the year because of AP exams, finals, and last minute assignments. I find it really helpful to make to-do lists because just like with dates, I will forget to do a task if it’s not written down. Take a notebook and mark it as your “to-do list notebook” that contains a giant to-do list so you know what you need to get done. If you would like, write the dates the tasks need to be completed by as well so you don’t have to keep checking your planner if you have one!

three // think about the future
Although thinking about the future is scary, it can also be extremely motivating. Think about what career path you want to take. If you’re unsure, think of how you just want to be successful because that is basically every girl’s goal in life. Thinking about how successful you want to be will make you want to do well in school because success starts at getting good grades. If you slack off now, it will be harder to stay on track in the future when it’s really crucial to make all of your dreams come true.

Now that May, finals, and AP exams are here, it’s going to be really hard to not give up in school. Just remember that you’re fabulous and can accomplish anything when you put your mind to it!

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