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With the end of the school year approaching quickly, prom season is also arriving. Many high school girls look forward to prom as a way to get dressed up and spend time with friends before graduating and going off to college. Prom entails many aspects from picking out the perfect dress to finding a date and can be very stressful. With these tips, your prom night will be stress free and so much fun.

Finding a Date

One of the most stressful aspects of prom for many girls is finding a date. If you are not in a relationship, go with a friend as your date. It takes the pressure off the night and allows you to have a good time without worrying. If you don’t want to bring a date, don’t be afraid to go solo or with a group of friends. Don’t let not having a date or going alone stop you from having fun. Prom is what you make of it and don’t let anything get in your way of having a great time.

Getting the Dress

For many girls, the hope of having a great prom revolves around the perfect dress. In order to prevent problems at the last minute, start looking early. Go into different stores that sell prom dresses or look online. Get a feel for what styles you like or dislike. In a store, try on a few dresses just to see. This can help you find a style that works or maybe help you realize that something you thought you might like doesn’t work for you. Don’t make any hasty decisions and take your time finding the best dress for you. When going shopping, take someone whose opinion you trust with you so they can help. By starting this process early, you can prevent scrambling to get a dress at the last minute and find something you love. Not only should you get a dress that looks good on you, but it should also be something comfortable. No one wants to be in a dress that is uncomfortable all night and makes it hard for you to have fun.

Schedule Appointments Early

After finding the perfect dress, figuring out how to style your hair and makeup is an important step. If you plan on going to a salon to have it done, book an appointment early because they tend to be very busy around prom time. Another good idea is to get a trial done before prom in order to try out different looks and make sure you are happy with the outcome. Bring pictures from online or magazines for reference if you have something you like. If you plan on doing your own hair or makeup, try a few different looks beforehand. Take pictures to see how it looks and show family or friends to get their opinions. Making sure you are happy with your hair and makeup before prom will make it that much less stressful the day of.

Have a Plan

Most proms don’t just involve the dance itself, but generally some sort of pre prom and after prom as well. If you and your friends want to take pictures before, figure out whose house you could go to in order to do that. Make sure you have a concrete plan set for what will be happening afterward as well, to prevent any confusion or being in a bad situation. Transportation is also very important to figure out early on. If you are renting a limo or party bus, check out the company to make sure it’s credible and make sure to understand all the rules and regulations to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

The most important thing to remember is to relax and  have fun. Prom should a night to make memories and have fun with friends. With these tips, your prom will be a stress free night to remember.


Kaitlyn Mitchell

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Kaitlyn Mitchell

Kaitlyn Mitchell is a writer for the High School section of the Smart Girls Group. She is a sophomore at Villanova University, majoring in English with a minor in Business. Aside from writing, she is involved with community service and greek life on campus and loves to read, shop and travel.