Organize, Organize, Organize!


organizationOrganizing is the easiest way to make it through the high school work load. As long as you always know how much work you have and how much time you have to finish it, you won’t become too overwhelmed last minute. Many schools are beginning to use websites to assign homework, but it’s always good to still have a planner or notebook to write down assignments so you don’t forget about things that teachers haven’t posted yet. Once you get the assignments, doing them is up to you! Here are a few tips to stay ahead of the game. 




1. Accordion Folders. If you still get physical papers, an accordion folder will be your best friend. An accordion folder is almost like a giant envelope that has a bunch of little sections inside for different things. Label each slot with a different class, and keep all of your homework sheets or important papers for that class in the folder. That way you always know where your homework is, and it won’t get lost among notebooks and binders. This also makes your backpack lighter because you don’t have to bring home your notebooks for every class if you know you just need the few homework sheets in your accordion.

2. Sticky Notes. I cannot say enough good things about sticky notes. They just make everything easier. Keep a pad of them in your pencil case and one at home, and use them for everything. Write yourself to-do lists or notes, stick them inside books, use them to organize your thoughts before you write essays, cover the answers to a question while studying to see if you can get it right, even use them as flashcards if you just have a few quick words to memorize during study halls. The list goes on. Just get some.

sticky note

3. Necessities. Besides school work, there are always other things to be prepared for when it comes to school. Keep a little pouch of things in your backpack that you may need. This could include bobby pins, money, cough drops, medicine, hand sanitizer, plus anything else you may want. You never know when you might forget your lunch and need some cash, or get a headache. And don’t forget to sanitize those hands!

Organization tips are always helpful, but just be sure to find what works best for you and do it! Stay ahead of the game, work hard, and do your best! Get into a routine of where you keep things, or when you do them, so you don’t get overwhelmed with not being able to find things or forgetting to do something. As long as you stay organized, you can say goodbye to huge amounts of stress. 


Jenna Adendorff

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