Being Healthy with Friends


Let’s be honest. You’re hanging out with friends, and you’ll spend most of the time binge watching TV shows, eating all the junk food known to mankind. That’s all fun but you know you want to do something healthier. But the only idea that comes to your mind is taking a walk, which isn’t really all that exciting. Here are some healthy and fun ideas to try:


* Scavenger hunt
Split everyone up into teams and give them a list of things to find. It could be in your neighborhood or a single house or a shopping area — that’s up to you. A thing to find could be red high heeled shoes or a picture from the 1940s. When they find an item, they can snap a picture of it.

Another possible activity is to give your friends a list of different things to do, like going down a slide on a playground or performing a cartwheel.

* Swimming
It’s a great physical activity, and if you swim outside, you’ll get vitamin D, which your body needs to absorb calcium. If you’ve been swimming in a pool and live near a lake where they allow swimming, why not give that a try?


* Going on a hike in a park –  It is a great way to see nature and  it gives you and your friends a good chance to talk. Also, great pictures for Instagram! Just remember to bring bug spray and follow the right path.

*Have your friends help you learn how to play a sport- Let’s say you were horrible at soccer. Have your friends show how to play it. You may not be the best at first (or ever), but it gives you and your friends a chance to bond. And who knows?  It may turn out to be your favorite sport someday.

* Making a healthy meal with your friends -Instead of buying a pizza, why not make one from scratch? You can include healthy (or at least healthier) ingredients and customize it to have whatever toppings you want. Or you can make a healthy snack. There is a wide variety of recipes on the Internet ranging from a sweet snack or salt snack. For a desert, everyone loves fruit and whipped cream.

Abby M


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