Tips to High Schoolers

Walking through those high school doors can be intimidating, especially when you’re new and nervous. Incoming students are always asking for advice, and us Smart Girls are here with some help! There are always the tips such as study hard, stay organized, and get enough sleep, but high school is a lot deeper than that. Various Smart Girls shared their tips and tricks to succeeding in high school.

Getting Involved

This tip is always given, but sometimes it’s good to hear it from a Smart Girl! By getting involve, you find your passions, and it helps develop other skills. “Get involved! I’ve found that I manage my time better when I have many things going on; plus, that’s how you meet people and make new friends!” says Claudia Lamparter, Ohio. For example, join your student government if you enjoy political aspects, or join a public speaking group if your passion is communications. It will help you become more well-rounded and you’ll make lots of friends from different grades and other social groups. These organizations will also help you set you apart from others in the future when applying for scholarships and colleges.

Make Friends & Be Confident

Like we just said, it’s important to make friends. “I wish I would have known to be more open and outgoing with people. Confidence is huge!” says Kate Mills, Maine. You just have to be proud of what you’re doing with your own time, and don’t worry about what other people think of you. You’ll find people that like you for who you are and don’t want to change anything about you. “Be open-minded about who you spend your time with, but be careful to make sure those you surround yourself with are positive influences!” says Kate.

The Domino Effect

One thing leads to the next, especially in high school. “One of my main tips would be to work hard, because just as hard work pays off in college and the workforce, hard work pays off in high school,” says Claudia.  Pretty much, the harder you work, the better the outcome. By doing well in high school, it will lead to a better future for you. This doesn’t mean that every free moment you have needs to be spent studying, but take a night a week to do hardcore studying instead of hanging out with friends every night after work.

Dive Right In – Now.

“My biggest piece of advice is to not wait for life to begin,” says Paige Sheffield, Maine. Family, friends, counselors all pressure students to have a plan set out the moment they walk through the doors on their first day. Over 50% of students end up changing their major in college anyways, so it’s not necessary to have a set idea your freshman year. “I realized that I took a lot of things for granted, so instead of thinking, “If only I was twenty,” I thought “I’m sixteen, and there are all these things that I can do if I get out there and do them.” Instead of trying to go for a job that a college student would go for, embrace your passions. “I took more risks and stopped trying to to plan every single little detail of my life because I had more fun and learned more from the experiences that I didn’t plan out,” says Paige.

All in all, it’s important that you experience high school in it’s fullest. Don’t worry about who is doing what – just focus on you! These should be some of your best years, so just do well and be passionate!



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Alexis Neuville

Alexis is a freshman at Pace University in Pleasantville, New York. Coming from a small town in Wisconsin, she is loving living so close to the big city! Some of her hobbies include writing, being involved on campus, and working for other organizations like Her Culture. Alexis loves helping young girls become empowered and better all around!