Giving up Makeup


Makeup is something we have a love and hate relationship with. Foundation keeps coming off,  powder products cake up and mascara drips and gets in your eyes (which can hurt!). Every time you go out with friends, you have to put it on before you leave and then continue to check it while you’re hanging out. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about it, to just have fun with your friends without wondering if your lipstick came off or if you wiped off your foundation? You want to enjoy your summer, and you feel like makeup might get in the way.

If you are like me, you sometimes wonder why girls wear makeup. One reason why we wear makeup is because of the pressures from society to look beautiful. Pick up any fashion magazine and you will see it. Articles are telling you how this or that makeup can fix your imperfections. It’s hard to feel fine without makeup, but what we’ve got to understand is that some of the people in the magazines do not look like that in real life. They have professional makeup artists and hairstylists, and the photos are Photoshopped.  Just look at Dove’s 2006 video about how magazines can dramatically change a person’s appearance. What I’ve found is that most people don’t notice when you do not wear makeup.  Those so-called imperfections are only visible to yourself, and we just need to realize that.

Summer, when there’s no school and you’re surrounded by fewer people, can be the best time not to wear makeup. Rather than trying to quit makeup cold turkey, you can wear less and less makeup each day. Then, at the at  the end of the summer, analyze how you felt. Did you feel confident? Did you want to put makeup back on?

Makeup isn’t necessarily bad.  Even author John Green (“The Fault in Our Stars”) likes getting his makeup done. Every day on his tour he would get it done. He said, “It’s like really beautiful armor because it makes me feel more confident and somehow kind of protected as I go through my day.” So, hey, if you love wearing your red lipstick because it makes you feel unique, go for it! But if you are wearing makeup because you do not feel like you are beautiful without it, remember — you are beautiful, with or without makeup.  And if you give up makeup for some time this summer, you may realize it, too.

 Abby M

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