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Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

“A life lived for others, is the only life worth living.” Albert Einstein


The world succeeds with random acts of kindness. Some can argue that the world is losing its compassion, although, others beg to differ. People have always done nice deeds for other people and have encouraged them to do so as well. Now connected with a name, this encouragement is titled “Pay It Forward.” The idea of paying it forward is simple and attainable. Imagine if everyone participated in random acts of kindness and encouraged others to do the same; it would transform our world.


Acts of kindness such as holding a door for someone, or paying a compliment is small, but meaningful. When someone chooses to hold the door for you, it is common curtsy, but just because it is common, however, does not mean it is required. There are many busy people in this world and those who take time out of their day, even if it is waiting for a couple seconds, to do something for someone else speaks volumes. Compliments are also undervalued. If you were to think of the last time someone said something nice to or about you, it probably made you feel very good. Every one of us has the power to do that for others and make them feel happy. By making someone feel happy with something nice you said to them, it heightens the chance of them being nice to someone else which encompasses the idea of paying it forward.


The beauty in paying it forward is to do these actions for others without expecting anything in return. Selflessness manifests when paying it forward. There is no better power in the world than being able to make someone else happy because that will make you happy as well.


If the idea of paying it forward inspires you then mark your calendars for April 30th, 2015. This day is known as “Pay It Forward” day. It is filled with encouragement for others to practice paying it forward and putting it into action. Last year, people around the world from at least 70 different countries participated in Pay it Forward Day. These people did kind deeds around their neighborhoods just to spread the love and joy.


There are many ways you can participate in Pay It Forward day. Simple activities like buying a coffee for the person after you, or letting someone merge into your lane can brighten another’s day. Having a positive attitude and being nice to others is another way where you can participate which will hopefully rub off on others too.


Here is a link with further information on “Pay It Forward” day explaining what it is and how to participate.

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