3 Tips from a Freshman

Hello Lovely Smart Girls!

Fall semesters are going on at full force and it is that point in the semester where adjusting to the new schedule has officially sunk in. As Smart Girls we are now on the search for great clubs and organizations to join, but how do we juggle it all? There are three consistent tips offered by many experts that are almost foolproof when it comes to college and they work great for life after college as well.

#1 Punctuality 

Punctuality is key to being successful in any class, or any professional opportunity in general.  Being on time to class is more important than students realize. Arriving to class at least ten minutes early enables students to find the desk they want to sit at, adjust their materials before class starts and even discuss current or future assignments with the professor. Having the luxury of picking your seat in a place that is comfortable is wonderful. Some students prefer the back so they can text, but Smart Girls sit at the front to hear their professors better and grasp the material. What I tend to do is get to class fifteen to twenty minutes earlier so I can organize my materials as I please and make sure the desk in front of me has a basket for my feet.

#2 Organizing Materials

Labels are your best friends in college. Try to have a notebook/binder/folder for each class with a label that indicates which class it is for. A lot of bloggers have created different types of printable that can be used as binder covers. Some of them are cute and some of them are more professional. Nevertheless, they are convenient and they are even better when the printable includes a spine label. A huge favorite amongst college students would also be dividers. Dividers enable students to place different documents under their corresponding categories without having the papers all over the place.



Materials are not limited to school supplies only. Materials also include notes. Keeping your class notes in order will be a great help when exam season rolls around. One way to keep track of your notes would be to date them as well as indicate what the notes are on with a heading. For example, if your professor is talking about the Civil War, then it would be smart to put the date on the top right corner and on the top left margin write, “The Civil War”.

#3 Dress Accordingly 

Fall is here, meaning everyone wants to wear yoga pants and Uggs. Although that is comfortable, you might not want to wear that to class everyday. Unfortunately, we live in a society where appearance really matters. Research has shown that those people that dress up nicely to school or work tend to work better because when they are too comfortable, they just feel like sleeping and not working. Since appearance matters, let your classmates and professor know you like to look well. Show the world that you take pride in your appearance. Having a go-to outfit seriously helps when you are in a rush! My go-to outfit is simple, comfortable and it includes a few staples. I have a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt (sleeve length depends on the weather) and my walking sneakers. Accessories are up to you, but I always go for my pearl earrings and a Pandora bracelet.

Best of luck in this Fall semester!


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Tiffany Lorente

Hello Lovelies! My name is Tiffany Lorente and I am one of the Living Editors here at Smart Girls Group. I am a Miami native with Cuban parents. I attend Florida International University and aspire to graduate with a Degree in Public Relations to then enter law school. For the past year and a half I have been working with Smart Girls Group and each time I change positions I fall more and more in love with our cause and what we do to inspire young women each day. I am a firm believer that you need to expose yourself to the world and let them know you are capable of many things. You can do great things if you set your mind to it.