Managing Your Stress


Scientist and stress specialist Hans Selye once said, “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” Stress is a powerful force in many people’s lives, and countless individuals suffer from severe stress or anxiety. I myself am too familiar with the battle against stress. As the calendar fills with deadlines, and events, stress becomes more and more of an issue. Contrary to belief, stress can really have negative effects on the body. Your immune system becomes weaker, and your body and health can start to decline.

imagesEven though stress is inevitable in everyone’s life, it’s not unmanageable. I have found some tricks that really help me battle and manage my stress. By doing these things I have found that I genuinely feel better over all and my stress and worries don’t get in the way of my day-to-day activities.

One thing that I am constantly doing is making lists! It’s almost a lifestyle. Almost every night before I go to bed I make a list of things I need to remember or do in the week. I always have a well-rested sleep, because I am not thinking or trying to remember all the tasks I have to complete.

When in stress mode, eating healthy is always a challenge! Eating badly can be a coping mechanism, but don’t give in! Replace sugary, processed snacks with fruit, vegetables and protein. Make sure you get PLENTY of water! If drinking water is hard for you, get a water bottle to keep with you, or add some lemons to give it an extra zing! Your body will be energized and you will feel so much better and less tired! Also, vitamins are a lifesaver; multi- vitamins, fish oil, fiber and b- complex are all amazing energy boosting supplements that will help!

Another stress reliever is exercise or any other active outlet you enjoy. Two of my all time favorites are yoga and kickboxing. Yoga is especially effective for me because it forces me to clear my mind and focus on my body and my breathing. It also builds up a sweat, which is an essential way to manage stress in life. Sweating releases toxins in the body and helps keep a more focus, and feel better.

While food, list making and exercise can combat stress, the one stress buster that is the easiest is talking to someone. Seek someone out, a friend, mentor, or a fellow Smart Girl to talk to. The best way to combat chaos is to share your struggles and worries with someone you love and trust. Those people can help keep you accountable and check up on you to make sure you are managing your stress and anxiety the best way you know how to!

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