What These Superstars Have To Say

By: Monica Murphy, Our inspiring sister that is in Africa changing the lives of others!

Last week we had a P.T.A meeting with parents. Since I am a new teacher and most of the meeting would be in Twai anyway, after Grandma Grace introduced us, I headed out to supervise Basic 3, 4 and 5. I took this as an opportunity to inspire them with my leadership wisdom. They all leaned in, even the “tough boys.” I put some questions on the board-

What is special about you?

“I have the ability to run.” -Eugene

“I am a good girl and am kind to people. I am also respectful.” – Nora

“My talents: dancing, reading and singing.” -Maame

“I am beautiful, intelligent and kind.” -Eugenia

“I like asking questions and am very curious.” -Eric
What does it mean to be a superstar kid?

“Being bold.” -Roberta

“If you want to be a superstar kid you must obey rules in class and pay attention.” -Sandra

“It means that I am a very smart girl and clever.” – Emmanuella

“Listening to my parents.” -John

“Being a superstar means a kid who is very good in class and learns well to become a good student in the future.” -Aristide

“To be a superstar kid is to learn hard and be a good person.” -Caroline

“It means to be good and not to be a bully. To be a good friend.” -Tracy

“It means that I am bold and smart and it makes me know people around me.”-Owenosede Victoria Justice

“Being a superstar kid means that you are special. It’s in you.” —Francis

“We must be a superstar to be someone who is good and fearless. A superstar is also strong.” -Israel

“You can be a superstar kid by listening to your teachers.” -Marilyn
Why is it important to have a good attitude?

“Because it can take you somewhere like being a bank manger or teacher.” -Maame

“It will help you to be smart, clever and good in learning.” -Princella

“Because if you have a good attitude you have good character.” —Andy

“It makes people know who you are and makes them know your character.” —Owenosede Victoria Justice

“Because if you have good character, it will help you.” -Roberta

“It can make you a good citizen in the world.” —Celestina

“It will help you in the future.” —Lauretta

“It promotes peace.” — Edwin
What are your dreams in the future?

“I dream to be a father and a doctor.”—Kwame

“To become a bank manager.” -Esi

“To be a good person.” -Jami

“A nurse.”- Justina






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