You are Not a Number


Standardized Test

The dreaded yet one of the most anticipated tests in every high schooler’s life: the SAT. How ironic that colleges claim to care about individualism when they care so much about a number from a standardized test.

As the third Thursday of the month after taking the test slowly march forward, the heavy feeling within your stomach grows as well. You start to choke on saliva as you think about how you “bombed” that test. Your head feels like air, but the throbbing pain within it is unbearable. All you want to do is cry on your bed, thinking about how mindlessly you blew off precious opportunities to study for the SAT. When you sit down in front of the computer to log onto your account, you finally pull out your score. But when you see your score, your body completely freezes in disbelief. Did I really score that badly?

So many of us who have taken both the SAT and regular tests have defined our worth by just a mere number. However, is our worth really defined by a number from an inanimate test? No, it is not. We are all individuals with our own unique abilities. Why must our fate be decided by just a standardized multiple-choice test? Some of us are more adept at displaying their abilities through real words or even through art. Perhaps golf is your thing rather than being forced to sit in a suffocating room and take a four hour long test. In the end, it does not matter if you score an incredible 1310. Nor does it matter if you score a fabulous 2260. What really matters is that you stay true to yourself. Do not let anyone else to judge you by a mere number. It is them who should be judged for determining your worth through such a feeble method. Allow them to continue judging others in order to make them feel better about themselves. As they waste their precious time, keep submerging yourself into your hobbies as these are what truly defines you – not a test score. Your future does not depend on what you scored on a test when you were fifteen or seventeen years old. Life will continue on as this time in your life will become a memory. However, it is only up to you to decide whether this time period will become a fond or a bitter memory to look back upon. To get up onto your feet as you ignore the judgmental voices of those around you or to allow those voices to defeat someone as brave as you? The choice is yours and only yours.

Alison Suh

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