Prom Date Misconceptions


Months ago, you picked out the perfect dress.

Months ago, you imagined the perfect night.

Months ago, you thought prom would be completely, absolutely perfect.

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So now, why would you expect it to be anything less than that?

With social media sites full of “promposals” and pictures from everyone’s seemingly perfect prom nights with their dates, it can be hard not to feel as though you need a date for prom.

Sure, you think your dress is cute. Beautiful, even. But you can’t help but feel left out when you see all of the girls who have beautiful dresses, corsages, and of course, dates.

Though many people go to prom with a date, having a date is not the only way to have a great time at prom.

Think about it: in other aspects of your life, you don’t need a date to have fun. Having a boyfriend isn’t what makes you beautiful. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that everything works out flawlessly for you. You have a great time with your friends. You have a great time alone.

Prom isn’t any different. While, yes, many girls go to prom with dates and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, there’s also nothing wrong with going without a date.

Because your dress is beautiful, regardless of whether or not a guy wearing a matching tux is accompanying you.

Because people care about you, regardless of whether or not they express it with an extravagant “promposal”.

Because friends are wonderful people to spend prom with.

Because in that beautiful dress, on that dance floor, with or without a date, stands a beautiful person. An incredible person. A Smart Girl.

Going to prom without a date is just as fun. You can spend time with your friends without worrying about spending time with a date. You can dance and have this one last moment of high school with the friends you’ve known forever. You can create memories.

Instead of trying to craft this perfect fairytale with the perfect slow dance and the perfect kiss, you can simply enjoy yourself. You can stop trying to make your fairytale turn out exactly the way you imagined it to, and just have a good time.

You can dance with all of your friends and remember high school and wear your gorgeous dress and be the amazing person that you are. You can laugh and smile and feel nostalgic and watch the day fade into night as you listen to the music.

Months ago, you had the perfect dress.

Months ago, the perfect night seemed realistic.

Months ago, anything seemed possible.

None of that has changed.

You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re interesting and wonderful. The date you have or don’t have can’t change that.

You’re not any less loved because you don’t have a corsage around your wrist.

And just because you might be missing an aspect of the prom nights you see in the Instagram pictures doesn’t mean that you can’t have your fairytale.

Your prom night might not be exactly like the other pictures you see. It won’t be exactly like the movies.

But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be beautiful.



Paige Sheffield

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