Turn Beauty Inside Out


This year May 21 is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day. The TBIO campaign is focused on counterbalancing the negative and unhealthy images of women seen in the media and creating positive definitions of beauty that focus more on internal beauty, defined by who you are, rather than your external appearance.

Every day, we are bombarded with unhealthy messages about health in music, film, television, and advertising. In 2000, a group of girls our age decided to do something about it. They began the TBIO celebration as a way of promoting healthy media images and as critical analysis of sexism in media. Today’s celebration is meant to be of inner beauty– of conviction, caring, and taking action. Girls and boys around the world need to realize that beauty truly is more than just someone’s outer appearance. We need to begin focusing on seeing beauty as who we are and what we do, not how we look.

A female in today’s day and age can be considered the most stunning person on the planet in terms of outside appearance, but if they have an ugly personality, all of this physical beauty is quickly masked. No amount of makeup can hide “ugly on the inside”. There is no cosmetic surgery for your personality. As Smart Girls, we should be aware that our personalities and stunning achievements tell more about us, and let us shine and stand out more than our outward appearances may. Of course, we all want to be considered beautiful. But we already are each individually beautiful in our own way, because there is no one definition of beauty. Rather than focus on improving how we look on the outside, we should always strive to make our inner beauty shine forth even more brightly than it already does.

Granted, turning beauty inside out isn’t always easy. So what’s the secret? Simple: be the best version of yourself. If you embrace who you are and do what you love to do, people won’t be able to help but notice how incredible you are. There is nothing more beautiful than confidence and happiness. Let your inner light shine through, and people will notice your real beauty, rather than judge you by what the world says is beautiful.

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Maggie Chaquette

Director of Communications for Campus Chapters. Founder and President of Smart Girls Group at Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!). Instagram and Pinterest lover, Foodie, Yogi, Aspiring Runner. Member of November Project DCA #thetribeisstrong