Girls' Night Done Right


As we get back into the full swing of school, most of us only have the weekends to relax and have fun. That’s why it’s important to make time for ourselves, and also our girls. Typical girls’ nights involve going out to dinner, shopping, or seeing a movie. However, these can become redundant and boring. Try out these twists and have the best girls’ night ever!


It’s super easy to go out to eat at a restaurant, but why not try making dinner yourselves? Get together with your friends, bring your favorite recipe off of Pinterest that you’ve been dying to try, and have fun trying out new foods. Have one friend be in charge of bringing the supplies for the appetizer, one for the entrée, and of course, have a few different desserts! This page has every type of food you can imagine, is your mouth watering yet?


Rather than going out shopping, have a DIY night. There are tons of ways to recycle your old clothes into something new. One of the hottest trends right now are high-waisted jean shorts. Take an old pair of jeans and cut them off into shorts. Use a cheese grater to distress the jeans and even get creative with paint or bleach if that’s your style. This Wiki page gives step-by-step instructions for beginners.

Another popular trend right now is ombré. You can easily turn an old shirt into a new one just by using fabric dye and bleach. Click here for an in depth tutorial.


If you’re more into a night out than a night in, suggest that you and your friends buy a Groupon to do something that none of you have done before. Groupon offers plenty of fun activities at great rates so it’ll be easy for you all to go out without breaking the bank.

Share this list with your girlfriends and have a girls’ night done right. How do you do a girls’ night, Smart Girls? Share in the comments!

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