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To many, clothes are more than a necessity, they are a way to show what’s on the inside… on the outside! Personally, my clothes mean a lot more to me than just fabric. Putting together an outfit is therapeutic, in a sense, because they reflect how I feel. On days where I really don’t want to be bothered, I’ll go for black or gray. On days where I feel like a ball of sunshine, I’ll opt for a bright blue or light pink. Regardless of what’s going on, my clothes are about me.

Clothes are part of showing who we are, and sometimes that changes. However, like all change it can be difficult to express without hesitation. There is always going to be that little voice in the back of our heads feeding us this fear, usually through the possible negative comments we can receive.

It’s basic human nature to wonder what people will think and to then have that affect our decisions. Although it is helpful to listen to other opinions when making a choice, what we wear is about ourselves and what makes us happy. There are so many other things to be concerned about, and choosing an outfit shouldn’t be one!

When I was in elementary school I had a green denim jacket from The Gap that I wore religiously. I wore it everyday, in all weather, starting from third grade until the middle of fifth. Coming back from winter break, I had gotten a new haircut and wanted to continue with this new me. I didn’t think much of it the day I wore black jeans and a striped sweater, but when I got to school, one kid asking what happened to my green jacket was enough to make me want to run home and change. Fortunately, my mom intervened with a quick pep talk and I continued to wear what I liked. I still remember how free little 10-year-old me felt not having to dress according to an expectation and wearing what made me feel good instead.

Although this all happened six years ago, things like this happen all the time. It’s important to give ourselves little things like this, that are solely for ourselves. Everyday we encounter challenges, big or small. Everyday we hear things from television, magazines, movies, etc. that can make us feel bad about who we are. Everyday, the least we can do for ourselves is to wear what makes us feel confident and happy without having to constantly wonder what people are thinking hover over our shoulders.

So go and wear that dress you weren’t too sure of, or that tank top you liked but thought made your arms look big, or those patterned shorts that you were afraid of being too loud! Experiment with new styles and pieces, and don’t look back. Wear whatever it takes for you to feel like the confident, brilliant, amazing person that you truly are!

Image via Picky Me

Image via Picky Me

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