The Duo Eyeliner Trend

Eyeliner is something that I have always been intrigued by. I have seen many amazing eyeliner looks on the red carpet that I love; however, while they are intricate and striking, I could not bring myself to wear these looks on a day to day basis. Fortunately, there is an easier and less daring way to make really interesting eyeliner looks pop and wearable on a daily basis.



I talked to Judy, a cosmetologist at a Clinique counter, and learned some very helpful tips and tricks. She taught me that if you have blue eyes, then golds and greens make your eyes pop. If you have hazel eyes (brown with gold or green flecks), you want pinks to make your eyes look bright. For green eyes, you might want to wear violets and blues. Finally, for brown eyes, you are the lucky ones because almost anything goes! These colors apply to both clothes and eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Judy says that if you have small eyes, lining your lower lash line will make them appear smaller. So you may want to only line the outer quarter of the eye if you are going to apply eyeliner on the bottom at all.


The Layered Stripe Look


nude eyeliner


For this striking look, you put one eyeliner right above the other. “A black or a dark neutral eyeliner is usually a good base to go on the bottom,” Judy says. The good thing about this look is that, practically, anything can work! Your top eyeliner can be nude or even sparkly! The possibilities are endless. When going to a party (especially a holiday party, like NYE), a sparkly liner can give you a more dramatic and playful look.

Just remember, when sporting a dramatic or smoky eye look, try keeping the rest of the makeup light/neutral so it is not too overwhelming. In this case, you want your eyes to be the focal point of your face.

Now, what type of eyeliner to use is up to you. However, Judy informed me that pencil eyeliners may have a better selection of matte/satiny liners, and is easier to apply. However, for a sparkly look, liquid may be the way to go because they have more sparkly liners.

One of the many fun facets of eyeliner is to layer different colors or to mix the colors together.


Judy says, “when you mix colors together, you need to have a nice, creamy pencil.” At the counter, she also showed me that one of the easiest ways to mix colors together is to break off the tip of two colors (any two you want), and then get a smudge, lip, or concealer brush and blend them together. Another way to layer different eyeliner colors together is to simply apply one liner color right over the other eyeliner color, or do an eyeliner then layer on an eyeshadow.



The Duo Rim Look

If you line the bottom rim of you eyes, you may have noticed that your eyeliner smudges or runs. **Sigh,** classic.  But what is a Smart Girl to do about this makeup dilemma? Rest assured, Smart Girls, here are some easy things that Judy taught me to help prevent this problem:


1. Make sure you have a long-wear/ waterproof formula.

For example: Clinique’s Quickliner for Eyes Intense– Let it set for about 30 seconds, and it will stay on all day.


2. Set anything under your eye with a translucent powder.

Check out Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder– Get a small powder brush and lightly dust under your eye.


3. Make sure any eye cream you put on prior to applying makeup has been fully absorbed or rubbed in.



Whether you want to go for a more classic, winged eyeliner look or you want to sport a sparkly and dramatic eyeliner design, you can always find a way to express yourself with a cosmetic eye tool! The beauty industry is always introducing innovative eyeliner products and looks, so be on the lookout for the latest trends!

Also, always remember that any time you need help with anything makeup-related, head over to a cosmetic counter and consult a cosmetologist. He or she can provide you with a ton of tips and tricks, as well as makeup products for you to try or buy!


Show us your favorite eyeliner look! Share them in the comments section below!




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