Spring Accessories 2014


Spring Accessories 2014

T’is the season for pastels, dresses, and sandals! Now what can be more exciting than a lighter wardrobe, the amazing accessories you get to add on of course! With much fewer layers to work with, its important we don’t make our outfits look boring but rather appealing and fun! Dont know how? No worries! Here are some accessories that are sure to add some personality to your wardrobe.




With so many colors, prints and styles, you can’t go wrong! Pair them up with your favorite dress, or go casual with a pair of jeans. They’re sure to add just the perfect touch to any outfit. Plus they’re super comfy so its a win-win!


Statement Necklaces

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Now even though its a trend that goes all year round, spring is the perfect time to rock that bright flower necklace that wasn’t so fitting during the darkness of winter. J crew has their ever famous rose bud necklace that’s super chic. Not feeling too bold? Try a more subtle one. The one above is from H&M, and under $20!




Sunglasses can be more of a fashion statement than you think. Too often we go for a basic frame that works with everything, but why not change it up? Go for something with color or print! Match them to your outfit, purse, or even car! With inexpensive styles found at stores like Forever21 and H&M, you can’t undermine this trend.




Okay hear me out, I know we usually wear them to protect our necks from the treacherous winter, but why not wear them for spring? Designers are creating lighter scarves with more eye popping prints. Upgrade your simple outfit by just adding a fun scarf, trust me it will make a difference.




Think less Blair Waldorf and more Nicole Richie. Its an easy and fun way to add some personality to your pastel wardrobe. With so many styles and colors, you can’t run out of options. You can dress them up, or wear them casual. Having a bad hair day? Throw a headband on, and no one will notice.




Spring is my favorite season for the bright color purses to come out of hiding. Try ditching your large tote bag that’s holding a bunch of junk, and go for a crossbody or clutch. With brighter colors and more print options, its a subtle way of adding a statement to your wardrobe.

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