Must Watch Boutiques for Every Style


Hi everybody! I am really excited about this article because, well, I may have a slight addiction to online boutiques. They usually have unique pieces for a reasonable price, and honestly, who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail! I will say I couldn’t find a good online boutique for sporty styles, so if you know of any place feel free to leave it in the comments. I hope you enjoy!

1. Trendy 

Shop Fishie– I love this boutique so much!! The clothes are adorable, the prices are reasonable, and the people are so nice. They have a great variety of tops, bottoms, and dresses. Their pieces are unique and trendy, but things you can easily add into your everyday wardrobe.


    Uoionline– Oh my goodness I could sit on their website for hours! They have a lot of clothes, so you are bound to find something you like, and the prices are great. The colors are so bright that it is just fun just to be on the website.


2. Preppy This was actually harder then I thought. These boutiques are not what I would call straight up preppy, more like preppy with a trendy twist.

Juliana’s Boutique– This is another one that I just get happy looking at. I love everything on the website, or at least that’s how it seems… While I did put this under preppy I do think everybody could find something they love there!


Red Dress Boutique– Anyone who knows SarahBelle probably knows the Red Dress Boutique. Their rompers are seriously adorable as is their jewelry! If you see something you love on this site, buy it, because things sell out fast!


Honorable Mention– L.Mae Boutique’s Game Day Clothing I really do love the whole site, but I really wanted to share their new game day clothing. If you go to college in the South, you know football is a huge deal, and most girls have clothing that is their school’s colors that they wear to games. Their new clothing for game days is amazing seriously go check it out even if you aren’t going to games because it is just adorable!


3. Boho 

 Irene’s Story– When I first saw this website I thought I had died and gone to boho clothing heaven! Everything is so soft and flowy and very nicely priced! The rompers and dresses are just perfect summer staples! Oh! The accessories are wonderful!


4. Edgy It was hard for me to find a store which mixed a good amount of edginess with a girly twist, but I think this one is a very nice mix of edgy and boho.

Gypsy Warrior– When I first ran across this site I really thought I was not going to like it, but I actually ended up finding a thing or two I liked. But, I know that if you do have an edgier style you will love it! Their tops are great, and they even have so really nice rompers and pants to go with them!


5. For everyone/ Unique

 La Posh Style I thought this would be a nice one to share at the end simply because of the variety of clothes it offers! I truly think everyone could find something there, and they have lots of great pieces I haven’t seen anywhere else.


I hope this list can help you next time you are looking for a new place to shop.


Stay smart,

Carrie :-)

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