Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes


Hey Smart Girls! I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Those soft and fluffy brushes you’re using are picking up more than makeup. They’re carrying dirt, oil, dead skin, old makeup, and all sorts of bacteria to your face! This is most definitely not good for your skin. Problems like acne and cold sores can all be caused by dirty brushes. To prevent build up in your brushes, they need to be deep cleaned at least once a week—and I’m here to tell you how.


What you’ll need:

  • Shallow Dish
  • Gentle Shampoo
  • Small Towel

1. To start, fill your dish with lukewarm water, mix in about a teaspoon of your gentle shampoo, and set to the side.

2. Next, run the tip of your brush under running water. Be sure to only get water on the brush bristles! Getting water into the handle can slowly break down the glue holding it together and cause your brush to fall apart. Yikes!

3. Bring back your dish and gently swirl your brush in the soapy mixture.
Repeat steps two and three until the water running from the brush is clear.

4. Now that your brushes are clean, it’s time to dry them. Using a cloth, gently wipe and reshape your brushes, and lay them flat onto a small towel. Keep in mind that the drying process may take a few hours.

    • An alternative to this is using a product such as “The Daisy Tree” by Benjabelle. Drying your brushes upside down will greatly hasten the drying process and also help your brushes retain their shape.

“The Daisy Tree” by Benjabelle

Along with deep cleaning your brushes weekly, try spritzing them with a daily brush cleanser like the “Instant Brush Cleanser” by Make Up For Ever to keep bacteria and grime at bay.

"Instant Brush Cleanser" by Make Up For Ever

“Instant Brush Cleanser” by Make Up For Ever
4.9 oz./$22.00


Now that your brushes are nice and clean, you can apply your makeup with confidence.  Your brushes should be softer, pick up more pigment, and last much longer. And since you’re not trying to replace your makeup brushes all the time, you can spend the money you save on more makeup!

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