5 Products for Your Beauty Routine


Working as an intern in the beauty industry, it is not uncommon to sample huge amounts of product. Once in awhile, you come across a product that works great but also offers multiple uses. Here are five great products to amp up your beauty routine:

1. Konjac Cleansing Sponge | Boscia | $15

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When applying your morning or evening face cleanser, I recommend using a konjac root sponge like this one from Boscia. Konjac is a root vegetable which is traditionally utilized in Japan for cleansing and exfoliation. Unlike normal sponges which are simply used as tool for application, konjac root sponges are naturally enriched with detoxifying and pH balancing vitamins. You can pick one of these up from your local Sephora.

2. Beauty Elixir | Caudalie | Full Size: $49 / Mini $18
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I like to think of Caudalie as the “It-Girl” of beauty brands. They are a great French company who offer numerous amazing products, but the Beauty Elixir is rather special. The formula is famously based on a concoction used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary which was said to have had major anti-aging benefits. But, Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir goes way beyond that. There are tons of uses! It’s great for a refreshing spritz on a hot day, but you can also spray a little on a sponge before applying your foundation. The full size bottle is a bit pricy, but Sephora offers a smaller version (which will last you quite awhile) for more than half the price.

3. Wild Rose Instant Eye Brightening Treatment | Korres | $38
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This is a double duty product. At its core, it is a daytime eye cream. But unlike most eye creams, this one is lightly tinted so that it doubles as part of your makeup routine. It smooths fine lines and works its preventative anti-aging magic as you go about your day. The cream is made with wild rose oil as well as various extracts which work together to add brightness under the eyes. It can easily be applied with your fingertips, but for added efficacy, try applying it with a Clairsonic Opal.

4. Drying Lotion | Various Brands | $17-$25

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This product is absolutely magical. Mario Badescu makes something very similar and the two are interchangeable. Although, the Kate Somerville EradiKate treatment comes in a larger, glass bottle but also has a strong, sulfur scent. Used regularly by models, drying lotions are a quick fix for those inconvenient pimples that seem to appear the night before a big event. After completing your regular night time beauty routine, apply a thin coat of the drying sediment and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you’ll find that a combination of sulfur, camphor, and salicylic acid will have your blemish magically dried up.

5. Dry Shampoo |
Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.29.55 PMIf there is one hair styling product every girl needs, it is a bottle of dry shampoo. It is perfect for the days on which you simply don’t have the time to wash and dry your hair before heading out the door. Not only does dry shampoo remove the oils from your roots, but it also adds a good amount of volume to your hair which is great for non-styling days. Some great brands are DryBar, Klorane, and Batiste.

What are some of your must-have beauty products?


Briana N. Lee

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