Emily Jordan

Emily Jordan

Emily Jordan

“As far back as I can remember I have always been concerned about what I have worn. I was 4 years old, living in New York and refused to wear pants in 20 degree weather.”

Fashion designer, Emily Gerstein clearly had an interest in fashion from a very young age. To take her passion one-step further, she created a fashion brand of her own, Emily Jordan. In past summers, Emily has interned and later worked for a handbag designer known as Jennifer Haley. She claims that it was this opportunity that spurred her motivation to take a dive into the business world. As founder and CEO of Emily Jordan (www.shopemilyjordan.com), Emily operates her company in full and decides on the details of her brand. She enjoys the exclusiveness of running it from the perspective of a creator and a business personality. “This venture has given me the opportunity to express and experiment with all of my passions in life: Art, Fashion, and Business.”

As of now, some of the pieces featured on her website include the “All Day Top”, “Namaste Headband”, and a variety of tassel necklaces. These pieces all have original designs that Emily has crafted in a unique process. The textiles are inspired by “organic and bohemian attributes with fluid lines and brushstrokes.” She then scans her paintings and rearranges the colors and tessellations on the computer. Seeing her designs come to life inspires Emily. Her personal favorite from her clothing line is the “Emily Jordan” print of the “All Day Top”.  She claims that it was the print that sparked the launch of Emily Jordan. As a fashion designer, her favorite way to style her “All Day Top” is with “a pair of cut off shorts or skinny jeans, a fun shoe and a tassel necklace!” All of her favorites are located on her site so her customers have an easy approach to these exact pieces that she loves to wear.


Featuring the All Day Top in the Emily Jordan print


The future for Emily Jordan has much to look forward to. Soon Emily Jordan will be international with the hopes of spreading her designs with the world. Currently she is also working with her manufacturer in developing other styles that can be featured on her site. An ultimate goal for Emily is to eventually see her designs in retail; specifically seeing them in the “3 B’s: Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, and Bloomingdales!” With big dreams, lots of dedication, and hard work, achieving these goals is attainable. Emily is striving to one day be like fashion designers Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg with whom she looks up to. She claims they are the “epitome of what [she] strive[s] to achieve. They are both strong business women with a distinct voice in the fashion industry and both love print just like me!”


Featured prints: Emily Jordan, Easy Sider, Haley, Dante, Livingston

Featured prints: Emily Jordan, Easy Sider, Haley, Dante, Livingston

All of these prints have background stories and inspirations that she incorporates in her fashion.

Lastly, a piece of advice from Emily for those who want to take their passion to the next level: “If you have the passion and you are willing to put in research and hard work, then stay the course and make your vision reality.”



Social media links for Emily Jordan:

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Jordan/298249693683141

Instagram:    http://instagram.com/shopemilyjordan

Pinterest:    http://www.pinterest.com/shopemilyjordan/


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