All About Primers


Primers are a relatively new addition to the beauty cabinet and beauty regime. I for one, had no idea exactly what they were, or their necessity until I invested in my own and did a little research! For a general definition of a primer, it is a product used to even out the skin, fill in pores (not clog them) and prep the skin for your make-up allowing it to last longer. Primers are especially good for people who have combination skin, an uneven skin tone or large pores. Since I have started using a primer (I use this Laura Mercier one) I’ve limited the number of products I use on my face (and for someone with problem skin this is a big bonus) and also improved hydration levels in my skin resulting in softer, smoother more supple skin, and who doesn’t want that?! Primers come in several different types and formats, which makes them to be skin-type specific. Some examples of types include oil-free, moisturizing, oil-absorbing, light-reflecting, colour-correcting and pore-minimizing to name a few. This is great as no matter what your skin type, there should be a primer out there perfect for you! The difference between specific primers is their base ingredients, and this can affect how your makeup looks at the end. Some primers are silicone based, while others are water based. Matching the base ingredient of your primer to that of your foundation (water/silicone based) is said to improve the look of your make-up. It won’t however matter dramatically if you pair a water based primer with a silicone based foundation. I use a water base primer with a silicone base foundation and I still love the results I get! If your not sure whether your primer or foundation is silicone based, take a look here. Here is a small list of some of the best primers out there for both drugstore and higher end options: Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Benefit, Almay, Hourglass, L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Rimmel.

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