On Sale Now: This Summer’s Swimsuits


With the hottest months of summer readily approaching, it’s the perfect time to go shopping for swimsuits to wear to the beach or the pool. Luckily, the swimsuits below are all on sale for the most affordable prices, making it easier than ever to look your best while out in the sun.


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Print Nylon Tricot Ruched Front Bikini Tube Top, American Apparel, $25 13

In a soft and basic style perfect for calm days by the water, this top comes in a wide variety of colors and prints (even though only a select few are available on sale) sure to make every Smart Girl feel like the free summer goddess she knows she can be. This top is also great for making sure those tan lines aren’t too obvious after a long day in the sun.






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Mix-and-Match Peplum Tankini Top, Anthropologie, $78 9.95

If you’re looking for a swimsuit top that covers a little bit more, this tankini is the perfect one for you. With an elegant shape and a fun design, along with a huge discount, it’s sure to impress all around the pool because of its effortless style.







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Cotton Candy Swimsuit in Mint, Necessary Clothing, $39.99 19.99

This is one of the trendiest styles of this summer, and draws the eyes of those around you because of the pastel color blocking, which is perfect for bringing out your new tan. In a stylish and girly combo, this swimsuit is perfect for a fun and flirty day out by the water.







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Out From Under Printed Sport Bralette Bikini Top, Urban Outfitters, $36 19.99

This suit’s simple shape makes it fitting for pretty much any activity on the water, whether laying out in the sand or tubing over a lake. Available in a few trendy patterns fitting the standard boho vibe offered by Urban Outfitters, the suit is perfect for the beachy spirit that summer embodies.






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Pop Art Rose Grommet Bikini Top, J. Crew, $58 39.99

In a dainty little top, this pop art rose pattern brings out the soft side of summer. With a couple little ties and a bright floral print, it mixes the fun, bold side with the soft, girly side of every Smart Girl, making the perfect mix for a swimsuit top.





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