How To Bring Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall

How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall

‘Tis the season to be fashionably confused. If you’re stuck in a fall style rut somewhere between tank tops and turtlenecks, you’re not alone. Have no fear because there are several key pieces you can count on to segue your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Ankle Boots

You’re probably not desperate to lace up your heavy winter boots right about now, but it’s not quite warm enough to rock your summery sandals, so compromise with a pair of ankle boots. This comfortable and closed-toe option will give any look an on-trend feel that’s appropriate all year round. Not to mention there are an endless amount of styles, colors and heel heights to satisfy your style preferences.

Leather Jacket

This easy-to-layer wardrobe staple looks as good over a t-shirt as it does peeking out under a heavy coat or parka. It’s sure to take you all the way through fall, and even into winter as an extra layer. Depending on what you’re pairing it with, there are endless ways to style a leather jacket and many dress codes it fits into, making it an easy staple to repeat with several outfits without anyone noticing. 

Full Length Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits make excellent fall wardrobe options, since they provide more coverage, keep you warm and look great layered with outerwear. This look was super popular this past summer, so if you’ve already bought into the trend, add layers and go.

Tailored Shorts

A polished, tailored pair of shorts – AKA culottes – are more than suitable for the cool weather. They’re easily dressed up with pumps or dressed down with sneakers, and this is perfect for those balancing a school and work/internship schedule.

Midi Skirt

Midi skirts, which come in so many varying fabrics, colors and patterns, are the perfect transitional piece. They allow us to subtly shift our wardrobes for the upcoming season, without sacrificing comfort in still-sweltering temperatures that we’ve yet to surpass. Such pieces can also be dressed down, but they still pair perfectly with seasonal textured pieces like knit sweaters and suede pumps.

Crop Tops

You might be thinking crop tops for fall sounds counterintuitive, but they can be incredibly versatile. They’re easily incorporated into just about any seasonal wardrobe. Just try one layered over a button-down or blouse, or paired with high-waisted pants. This piece isn’t the most obvious transition, but when done the right way it gives off a very chic vibe.

The moral of the story: don’t pack away your summer pieces, simply add to your look with layers and switch up your styling. There are so many ways to combine pieces you’ve been wearing for months and add in your favorite fall staples. These key pieces certainly won’t disappoint, as they take you seamlessly from the dog days of summer into the harvest season.

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