Spring DIY Shorts


Denim has never been so exciting! From vibrant colors, patterns, and denim adorned with embellishments, there’s a style for everyone. So what do you do with those regular denim shorts hidden in the back of your closet? Here are 3 ways to spice up your denim shorts in time for spring:

1. Stud It Up 

You can purchase studs from your craft store or online. Each stud has a backing that has 4 pointy ends. To stud the shorts, poke the ends into the denim. Flip the denim over and with small pliers, clasp the pointed ends down into the middle to make a backing. For shorts, I recommend studding a design on the back pockets or lining the front pockets.

2. Sew On the Pockets

Take 2 different pieces of thin fabric (like from old tanks and tees) and cut out an approximate shape of a back pocket of your shorts for each fabric. Now cut both pieces of the fabric diagonally so you have 4 triangular pieces of fabric. You will use one triangular piece from each to sew on your shorts. Taking your desired color of string and a needle, string the needle through the string and tie the ends with a double knot. Taking one piece of fabric, start from the inside of the pocket and sew outwards until you reach the end of your knot. Continue the motion of sewing in and out, making sure you sew through the denim and fabric on the way out. Repeat with the other fabric.

3. Go All Carrie Bradshaw

Inspired by the unique nail polish splattered purse Carrie created in the show “The Carrie Diaries,” fill a platter with nail polish or paint. Using a paint brush, quickly flick the polish or paint onto the shorts, creating a splatter effect. Be creative with the colors and placement of the paint. Choose a focal point to splatter the polish on, like the sides or the back pockets of your shorts. I envision these shorts with a cream chiffon shirt and ballet flats for spring.

What style will YOU try?



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