Beach Makeup


Even though summer has nearly come to end, your beach trips should not. Make up should stay light and try to avoid the constant touch ups. Who wants to have a full face of heavy makeup when it’ll inevitably get messy up while you’re splashing around? Here are a few tips and products that are sure to get you a flawless face without too much product. The key is to have a more natural look.

BB Cream with SPF


Instead of using heavy foundation, use a BB cream to tint, moisturize and protect your face from the sun. Its light weight so it will not feel thick and make it appear as if your are wearing too much product. Try avoiding too many creamy products because sand and dust can stick, so if you have to apply concealer only dab on a little and apply a translucent powder after.



To add an extra glow, dust a bronzer on your eyelids, just above your cheekbones, apples of your cheeks, temples and forehead. It can make it look more like a natural tan, but avoid a shimmery one because it will not look good under the sun. If you must absolutely have to wear a blush, try a light pink powder on your cheeks, a little goes a long way.



A lot of waterproof mascara gets clumpy and makes lashes stick together, instead use a lengthening formula. It is long lasting and will not make your lashes feel like they have glue on them.



To finish off your look, apply a tinted lip moisturizer or a matte lipstick. Avoid using glosses, the heat will just melt the product right off. Try a cherry or berry color, anything bright and vibrant well compliment your tan look.

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