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Fall Boots

Hello Smart Girls! The weather is getting colder and it is definitely time to purchase a new pair of boots for the fall! I adore wearing boots and honesty, boots are part of the reason ...

Fall Trend Alert

I am normally not a person that follows trends at all, but when I was looking at some of the fall trends for this year I knew I had to hop on board! There are ...

Summer to Fall Wardrobe Transition

As summer fades into fall, fashions change, and cozy sweaters dominate. Don’t leave all of your beloved summer pieces behind, though. Make the most of what you already own, and transition into fall the smart ...

Find Your Perfect Fall Look

Oh, Fall. Jeans, sweaters, and back-to-school shopping galore. It’s easy to catch onto trends, but it’s hard to get to know your perfect fashion choice. What is your signature autumn style? Take this fun personality quiz ...

Four Fab Ways To Layer For Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons for layering because it is both cute and functional. The following are a few layering tricks every Smart Girl should try: 1. Find Cute Jackets Leather jackets, peacoats, ...