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Beach Makeup

Even though summer has nearly come to end, your beach trips should not. Make up should stay light and try to avoid the constant touch ups. Who wants to have a full face of heavy ...
High School

Giving up Makeup

Makeup is something we have a love and hate relationship with. Foundation keeps coming off,  powder products cake up and mascara drips and gets in your eyes (which can hurt!). Every time you go out ...

Skin Care 911

Even though you’re already a flawless Smart girl, you might just go ahead and put pounds of makeup on anyway. Be careful though, your daily skincare routine can be putting your skin at even more ...

Mastering Five-Minute Makeup

If you have never had a rushed, panicky morning, then you’re not human. Unfortunately, we’ve all had those sucky a.m. misadventures where the alarm doesn’t go off, there’s no coffee left, our wardrobe looks barren, ...
How To

Radiant in Red

Hello Smart Girls! Looking for a way to spice up your everyday makeup routine? Try a classic red lip. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Rita Ora have been spotted rocking this classic trend and ...