The Importance of Being Organized


Organization one of the most important strategies to use to get through high school. If you have one notebook and one folder used for every class, the chances of you losing important papers, notes, homework, etc. is bigger than if you have a separate notebook and folder for each class. The idea of having separate notebooks, folders, binders, etc. makes it easier to find your notes when you need to. That way, you won’t waste time looking for the notes you need to study.

Not only does organization help you find the things you need more easily but it reduces stress as well. You won’t have to worry about losing an important paper you need to pass in. Being organized allows you to know where everything is at all times. So, I thought I would share with you my organization skills for high school!

For English, geometry, chemistry, and history, I use a binder. I’m always getting worksheets, handouts, etc. in those classes, so it’s easy to put them in a binder. I also take lots of notes in those classes, so it’s handy to be able to take the notes out and place them where I want them. I have dividers for each binder that have tabs such as: schedule (which contain when my assignments are due and syllabi), notes, homework, and tests/quizzes. Those divider tabs are the same for all of my binders, except for English, I have an extra tab labeled “vocab.” The dividers make it easy for me to place certain papers where I need to.

For Spanish and religion, I use a notebook and a folder. I don’t really write anything down in those classes, unless they’re just notes. So I don’t really need to have a binder for those classes. I place the homework, tests/quizzes, and other papers in the folders.

Besides having certain materials for each class, I have two general folders that I carry with me to every class. One folder contains papers like a to-do list, forms, etc. If I have a worksheet to do for homework for one class, I often put it in my general folder so I don’t have to lug my other supplies home. The other folder is used for scrap paper. I like to use the backs of paper to write notes, to-do lists, etc. on, so it’s handy to have scrap paper with me wherever I go. I also have an agenda book that I bought from my school which contains what my homework for the night in each class is. Besides having that agenda book, I have another planner that I bought myself. That planner has the due dates of homework assignments and when a test/quiz is scheduled. Writing down homework assignments and the dates of tests/quizzes prevents you from totally forgetting about them. If you don’t write them down, you might forget about a homework assignment or might forget to study for a test the next day.

In my opinion, organization becomes more and more important as the level of your classes get harder and harder. In elementary school and middle school, I wasn’t too organized because I didn’t really need to be. However, since my classes are pretty hard as a sophomore in high school, organization is crucial to getting good grades. The classes I’m going to be taking next year are going to be even more difficult than the classes I’m taking this year (next year I’m taking two AP classes for the first time… yikes!), so I’ll really need to be on top of my game with organization.

I’ve actually developed an obsession with organization, so I’m always looking on Pinterest for organization tips. I even love with the blogs I read do posts on how they organize! It’s really interesting to see how certain organization techniques work for someone else and then trying to see if the same techniques work for you. Not all techniques are liked by everyone and work for everyone, so you may have to adjust some things to make it work just for you.

lilly pulitzer notebook
How fun would it be to use adorable Lilly Pulitzer notebooks, like the one above, for school?!

How do you organize for high school?

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