New School Year = Fresh Start


Some us of have already started school, and the rest of us are starting very shortly. I love new school years because I get to have a fresh start. Everything that happened the past year is forgotten about and unimportant. New school years are a way to fix the things that you didn’t like from last year. Unhappy with your grades? Make them better this year. Didn’t play a sport but wanted to? Try out for one now. Wanted to join more clubs but didn’t get a chance? Join some now.

Make your school year this year the way you want it. Focus on becoming successful and setting goals to accomplish. If you plan the goals out and make them easy to reach, you’ll be able to reach them in no time. Check out the categories below that you can improve in!

{one} grades
Unhappy with the grades you had last year? Work on making them better this year. Create a schedule to follow for doing homework and studying. Make sure to stay away from all types of distractions. Think of ways to make studying fun so you don’t get so bored and want to stop. I love looking through Pinterest for studying tips because there are always so many to choose from!

{two} sports
Unhappy with your sports performance last year in the sport(s) you played? Train for them in the off-season. Create exercise schedules, fitness playlists, and workout lists. Stay in shape and work on eating healthily. If your sports have already started, you can work on training on the days that you don’t have practice.

{three} clubs
Unhappy with the amount of clubs you were involved in? Get involved in more. Sign up for all of the clubs that sound interesting to you. Go to the first meeting for all of them. If the club doesn’t interest you during the first meeting, stick around for the second meeting. If it still doesn’t interest you, then you don’t have to do it. At least you tried!

{four} friends
Unhappy with not having a lot of friends? Reach out and make more. See who is in your classes, and if you’d like to be friends with them, start talking to them. Once you talk to them a lot, ask if they’d want to hang out. You’d be surprised at how many people would actually want to hang out! People are always open to having more friends. Expand your friend group.

If you follow all of these this year, you should be golden when it comes to being successful. Always remember to try your hardest in whatever you do. Hard work always pays off, no matter what. Good luck to a successful, hardworking, and happy school year!

xo, Ashley

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