Workout Essentials- All Under $50!


If you have an Instagram or Twitter account, chances are you’re following a number of fitness gurus who sport the cutest workout clothes you envy.  I believe in treating myself whenever I accomplish a goal and instead of rewards such as dessert or going to the movies, lately I have purchased new workout gear to keep me driven.  There is nothing wrong with picking up a cupcake occasionally, I just feel better about buying something I know will last longer than 5 minutes!  Who doesn’t feel confident in a new sports bra or crops?  I am a senior at Purdue, and no matter the amount of hours that go on my paycheck, I am still a broke undergrad.  Keeping up with the latest fitness trends is something I am always busy with.  The problem is sometimes I cannot afford to blow $250+ on a new outfit!  I have explored the net for new, practical, and affordable workout gear every Smart Girl can run out and get this weekend.  Everything is under $50.00 everything matches too! Let me know what you think ladies!

15 Under $50

15 Under $50

  • Gray Vest. $35 Target C9 by Champion Women’s
  • Water Bottle. $15 Victoria’s Secret Pink
  • YurBuds iPhone Sport Armband. $35 Nordstrom
  • YurBurds Inspire For Women Earbuds. $35 Nordstrom
  • Puma All Sport Pro Tech Socks. $18
  • UA 17″ Sonic Capri. $35 UnderArmor
  • Nike Flex Run 2012. JcPenney $45
  • Running Gloves. $16 Target C9 by Champion
  • Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray. $13 Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • UA Sports Bra. $25 Finishline
  • UA Braided Headbands. $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Compression Top. $15 Target C9 by Champion
  • North Face Beanie. $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Goody Hair Elastics. $4 Target
  • Infinity Scarf. $13 Forever21

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