Healthy Snacks as Summer Approaches

With summer on the horizon, health is on the brain of many.  Instead of starving yourself, swap out unhealthy snacks for more nutritious snacks in order to stay satisfied.  Crash diets will only fail in the long run.  Summer is an opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle especially as the weather gets warmer and outdoor activities become an option again.  With delicious and healthy snacks like these, you will be on your way to both a healthy lifestyle and the summer body of your dreams.

  1. Avocado.  I am obsessed with avocado because they are delicious, satisfying, and full of nutrients.  Keep your eyes out for single serving containers for portion control.  While I love the basic variety of guacamole, I also enjoy a number of different variations.  To reduce the fat content, use peas with the avocado.  For a protein boost and cut in fat levels, use edamame with the avocado.  To add a spicy kick, mix your guacamole with salsa.  All of these varieties are delicious and healthy! Serve your guacamole of choice with sliced vegetables including: peppers, zucchini, carrots or broccoli.  Another option is to serve your guacamole with whole wheat crackers.
  2. Hummus.  If you are not a fan of guacamole, hummus is another great option.  The chickpea spread comes in a number of delicious varieties.  I personally love roasted red pepper or garlic flavors.  For a decrease in fat, add either peas or edamame.  Serve with any kind of vegetable or crackers for a satisfying snack.  Pita chips also work nicely with hummus.
  3. Vegetarian Proteins.  I love products from Morningstar Farms and Gardein. They are delicious, and full of protein.  From Morningstar Farms I like the Vegetable Meatballs and Chicken Patties.  From Gardein I enjoy the crispy mandarin chicken strips, veggie tenders, schezuan beef strips, meatballs, and chicken cutlets.  Even if you are not a vegetarian (I am not one), these products are delicious and easy to prepare.  Additionally, the high protein content makes them very satisfying (they make good meals also).
  4. Nuts.  Another great protein source is any type of nuts.  My favorite types include almonds, and walnuts.  For portion control, they often come in single serving packages.  Look out for fun flavors including: salt, chocolate, coffee and caramel macchiato.  Nuts are also good on top of salads.
  5. Popcorn.  While popcorn has a reputation for being very indulgent, it can be a lighter snack.  Single serving mini bags are a great option.  These are better than the movie theater variety because they are portion controlled and give you good flavor without drowning in unnecessary butter.  Look at for a variety of flavors including both butter and kettle corn.
  6. String Cheese.  String Cheese is fun and healthy too.  Any variety is delicious and a great snack.  To up the nutrition content melt your string cheese on whole wheat crackers or spaghetti squash.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Enjoy your healthy lifestyle, and happy snacking!

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