Non-Senior Senioritis: Knowing the Symptoms and Finding a Cure

It’s that time of year again.  The birds are singing.  The sun is out.  Spring Break has just finished and yet, you are back at school.  It’s those beautiful spring days that makes sitting still in a classroom almost entirely impossible.  The term for it is often dubbed ‘senioritis’.  Seniors, most of which have already determined their course of action for the next couple years after high school enjoy the opportunity to kick back after a stressful first semester.  However, what if you’re not  a senior and the symptoms of senioritis are settling in?


Firstly, you must know the warning signs.  While those who suffer from senioritis may never get a scientific diagnosis, the symptoms are very real.  Low levels of motivation, desire to skip class to enjoy the sunshine, anxiousness for summer, and more are all symptoms of senioritis.

To high school sophomores, juniors, and freshmen, you are not as lucky as the seniors at your respective high schools.  Seniors, if they are not looking to get off of waiting lists or are continuing to improve their GPA for other requirements for graduation, are able to coast.  While they still must do typical homework, seniors are already experiencing stress lifted from their shoulders.  You, underclassmen, and especially you juniors, are not so fortunate.  Projects, essays, and dreaded standardized tests are all piled to you late in the school year.  Juniors also have to handle the looming college process and must begin touring schools and taking the SAT or ACT or both to prepare for college applications.  It is also important for freshmen and sophomores not to slack off in order to stay on track and keep or improve GPAs that will later be used during the college process.



So now, I might have you a little bit worried.  Suffering from senioritis can seem like a daunting, never-ending trail of despair.  However, have no fear!  Senioritis is actually curable if you take some of these tips:


  • Sitting inside for long hours, in school and at home, can make you restless, eager of summer and the release of homework.  However, you can counter these urges by simply indulging in your desire to be outside.  On a nice day, find a picnic table or an outside table at a café to do your homework at.  Doing your homework outside is really relaxing and it can help ease some of your summer anxiousness by allowing you to get some fresh air!
  • Another way to get through senioritis is to set attainable goals.  Sometimes thinking of the long-term goals during these warmer months is daunting.  Instead, set small goals for yourself to reach.  An example would be finishing two subjects of homework before dinner, or using at least one of your free periods a day productively.
  • It is also easy to combat senioritis by utilizing our weekends!  When you set finite and fun plans for your weekend, it can force you to work harder during the week in preparation and also allow you to have some fun.  Plan a day trip to six flagsenioritisstudents or a trip to the aquarium with your friends!  Having that fun and relaxing time off will give you the energy to get back to work and will take a way some of that summer-craving.
  • Senioritis is also easily overcome with the help of friends or family.  By enlisting a partner to do homework with you, you can keep each other focused on each other’s goals.  Doing homework with a friend can also seem less like “work”.  However, this can be a dangerous slope.  Make sure, if you are doing homework with a friend that you stay focused.  Doing homework with a friend in the library or with a timer set can ensure that you and your friend won’t get distracted by talking.


If you feel yourself losing motivation in these beautiful spring months, you may have senioritis.  However, with some simple tricks to keep you on track and working through the schoolwork of the next few months, you can attempt and succeed to overcome your senioritis.  Finish out the year strong! I believe that we can all do it!

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