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All Smart Girls need to have downtime. Just a few hours to unwind from a stressful day at a job, internship, or in school. Of course, summer is a time filled with much more relaxing than, say, September through May. Right now is a perfect time to catch up on TV shows or movies you’ve missed out on, or to venture into new series. It’s also a great time to start choosing, ahead of time, what you want to watch when you have an extra hour here and there during the upcoming busy months. As an evolving Netflix lover, here is a list of the best TV shows and movies for Smart Girls!

Television Series/Documentaries

Scandal (Seasons Available: 3)

Olivia Pope is the top political fixer in Washington, D.C. If you have a problem, she’s the one to sort it out. Watch as she and her team tackle the scandals of the rich, famous, and powerful- including their own problems (especially with POTUS). No one messes with Ms. Pope, or her sense of style!

Ugly Betty (Seasons Available: 4)

Betty lands a dream job at a glamourous magazine, but isn’t ready for the nasty side of the biz. Watch as she transforms, finds herself, and works towards a promotion.

Orange Is The New Black (Seasons Available: 2)

This Netflix-only show follows the life of Piper, a former debutante, as she enters prison after being busted in an international drug-trafficking ring. Not only is it hilarious, but it makes you really grateful for some pretty simple things- and will further convince you nothing could be worth doing jail time.

New Girl (Seasons Available: 2)

Jessica is still reeling from her latest breakup. Rather than rebound, she moves in with three single guys, who are more than happy to help her understand the unfair, crazy, but incredibly fantastic world.

Drop Dead Diva (Seasons Available: 5)

Supermodel-to-be Deb dies in a car crash, but instead of going to heaven winds up in lawyer Jane’s body. Watch as she struggles to deal with a new life, new wardrobe, new job, and lost love.

Glee (Seasons Available: 4)

Many students at McKinley High School could be considered misfits. But in New Directions, they’re considered superstars. What lands this show on the list is not only the strong, unstoppable female leads, but also the tough issues it grapples with.

Melissa & Joey (Seasons Available: 3)

Single councilwoman Mel is left with her sister’s teenage son and daughter when her sister goes to jail. Mel struggles to raise them and learns a lot about herself in the process, as well as realizes that sometimes, you just need a manny to help out.

Pretty Little Liars (Seasons Available: 4)

This popular show makes it onto the list for dealing with issues such as drug abuse and teenage anxiety, but also for the unending loyalty, strength, and determination that Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily show when their friend goes missing- and is presumed dead.

SEC Storied: Lolo Jones

This 2012 documentary tells the story of Lolo Jones, an American woman who overcame poverty and homelessness to become a world champion and Olympian in hurdling AND bobsledding!


Makers: Women Who Make America (Seasons Available: 1)

This features trailblazing women in every field sharing their memories of becoming the Smart Women they are today. Interviews include Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, and Meryl Streep.


*descriptions courtesy of Netflix*

Thelma & Louise

An Arkansas waitress and her naïve housewife friend hit the road for a simple weekend of freedom — and end up on a wild flight from the law.

Akeelah and the Bee

Eleven-year-old Akeelah Anderson is determined to spell her way out of South Los Angeles and make it to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

The Cheetah Girls

In New York City, four close-knit girls fight for fame in a tough music industry while facing challenges that test their friendship.


A tomboy disguises herself as a man in order to fight in the Chinese army.


The Parent Trap

When two girls who seem to be polar opposites meet at summer camp, they think they have nothing in common — only to discover they’re identical twins. Watch as they learn about their completely different lives, then try to reunite their mom and dad.


Alex works as a welder by day and a stripper by night, but she dreams of training at the local conservatory and becoming a professional dancer. A true story of never getting up and never letting anyone else tell you what to dream.

The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher (played by one of our favorite actresses of all time, Meryl!), the first female prime minister of Britain, navigates a career destined to change the rules of leadership and politics.


PLEASE feel free to comment with your opinions on the shows or any suggestions you may have to add to this list!!! Happy Netflix-binging!

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