New Teachers: Shake Out The Jitters

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Any new teachers out there know that it’s extremely intimidating going from being the student to being the one who facilitates the learning. We are still learning, (aka completing professional development) but we are now in charge of educating the individuals sitting in front of us in our chosen field. We are also constantly on display! From our daily outfit choices to observations, we constantly have to put on a performance. We are superheroes when it comes to multitasking, organizing, and thinking on our feet. Put all of these (sometimes daunting) tasks together and you are left with a lot of apprehension.


Here are some tips that I’ve found successful to combatting the jitters that come associated with being a new teacher:

Be Prepared: Have your classroom set-up and ready for the day. Know what materials you will need and have them organized. Organization is the key to success, especially in a classroom.

Know Your Resources: How do you order new materials? Where is the copier? Is there a set curriculum track? Where do you submit paperwork? Your building principal, vice-principal, mentor, or supervisor can answer all of these questions; so don’t be afraid to ask them!

Getting Comfortable: Find a teacher in your department or building that you feel comfortable talking to! You can swap ideas, ask for advice, or just have someone to talk to when you don’t want to talk to students.

Set The Tone: Show your student that you’re a person and I guarantee they will respect you. Care about them when they are both inside and outside of your classroom. Actively participate in their school community!

Get A Planner: Just do it! I am a firm believer in my (Lilly Pulitzer) planner. Teachers have a lot to be responsible for outside of the classroom. There are Student Growth Objectives (SGO’s) to write, faculty meetings to attend, and observation logs to be completed. It just makes life simpler and easier to keep track of.

Policies & Procedures: Establish the rules from the first day. Remind students to make good choices (always). Make sure everyone knows the deal with fire drills and other emergency situations.


Although I’m only a second year teacher, I have found these tips to be extremely helpful! Remember to ask questions (email me! or ask someone in your building. Remember: every administrator was in your shoes once!





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