Is Everyone Online Dating?

One of the largest topics plaguing the “twenty-something” generation is the topic of online dating. What is it? How exactly does it work? You mean, you don’t know the person? Oh.. is everyone doing this without me? All of these questions are the exact reason that most twenty-something women prefer to have dates with the real “BAE”, Netflix.
Being a girl who (sometimes) casually peruses through potential Tinder matches, I have seen a glimpse of what’s out there, and ladies.. it’s not always pretty. If you’ve never heard of the Instagram “Bye Felipe”, you MUST check it out. It’s an anonymous page that lets women submit strange, and sometimes degrading, messages that they receive from men through online dating websites.
Example A: Beauty and the Beast
Tinder Belle
From one smart girl to another, my advice for you is to simply stay smart. 
Now, not all online dating stories end horribly! I decided, as a little project, to ask my friends/colleagues some questions about online dating. I asked them if they online date, what sites they use, and some experiences they had. Here are some responses I received:
Alicia, 25 (Pennsylvania)
“I have created dating profiles, however, I have never been on a date with someone I have met online. At first I thought I never agreed to dates with men I met online because I was afraid of meeting up with someone I have never met, but that’s not it at all. I don’t like the idea of searching through a million people to find someone. It takes too much time when I could be out living my life. I would rather spend time dating the guys I am attracted to that I meet at the shore, at a bar, in a restaurant, or in Marshalls (all true), then spending hours on my computer, by myself, messaging guys I don’t even know if I will be attracted to.”
Christina, 26 (New Jersey)
Do you online date? Tried it.
What sites do you use? Tinder.
Have you had both positive and negative experiences? Pretty positive overall.
Have you gone on more than one date with multiple people? Ended up just going on one date (because I am a huge chicken) with one person. The kid just most definitely was not for me.
Stephanie, 27 (New Jersey)
Do you online date? Yes.
What sites do you use? Used to use, have been using Tinder.
Have you had both positive and negative experiences? Yes, both.
Have you gone on more than one date with multiple people? Yes. Mostly everyone that I met on Tinder I have had multiple dates with, besides maybe two. I am currently building blanket forts and cooking Sunday gravy with someone I met on Tinder. BUT BE CAREFUL.. there are serious creeps.
Colleen, 24 (New York City) 
Do you online date? Yes
What sites do you use? Tinder, OK Cupid, Coffee Meets Bagel and Hinge (embarrassing lolz)
Have you had both positive and negative experiences? Yes. Some positive, some negative. But, honestly, the positive outweighs the negative.
Have you gone on more than one date with multiple people? Yes. I’ve gone on multiple dates with 2 people now.
Lindsey, 23 (New Jersey)
“Someone needs to be worth dating for me to consider dating. I’m not actively looking for a relationship; maybe if I was I would consider online dating. But, I prefer in person better because it’s easy to lie about who you are online.”
If you’re going to online date, do it! If you’re not but found this article amusing, that’s ok too! Whatever way you swipe, just stay smart.
If you or any friends have some online dating stories or advice, please comment below or send me an email at 
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