The Heifer Project


The Heifer Project, founded in 1944 by Dan West, is a nonprofit that is working through international relief to end poverty. Dan West, the founder, was a farmer from the American Midwest who went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War as an aid worker. This is when he realized that a cup of milk was not enough for the refugees and that they could have not a cup of milk but a whole cow. The cow would provide endless milk to the refugees. This philosophy is still used today, seventy years later.
During the Holidays, Heifer International sends out gift catalogs titled “The Most Important Gift Catalog In The World”. This isn’t an exaggeration. The magazine is filled with many opportunities to give, receive, and prosper. When the magazine is received, one may buy a gift of an animal ranging from a share of an animal for ten dollars to a whole arc of animals for five thousand dollars. Offered in the magazine are sheep, llamas, rabbits, ducks and even honey bees.
The Heifer Project offers different baskets that lead to a world of change. One basket offered is called the Joy To The World basket. This is the largest basket that provides families with wool for blankets, crops with fertilizer, rich milk, and aid to help families raise money. To provide a smaller basket, The Hope Basket is offered. This basket provides eggs and proteins which boosts income and passes the gift on to others.
The Heifer Project offers many opportunities to help other pull themselves out of poverty. With the purchase of one gift from Heifer International, a ripple effect of good is given. If you’re looking for a gift to give someone special this holiday season, a gift from The Heifer Project in their name is sure to be a good one.


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