Wearable Technology


As technology becomes more and more an ever present feature in our lives, designers are working on developing new generations of smart gadgets which they hope will make even more seamless the connections between technology and our daily lives.   Here are a few examples of smart watches, one of the newest devices being produced by electronics manufacturing giants today: 

The Apple Watch

According to website, Apple’s new smart watch is “an incredibly precise timepiece”;  “an intelligent health and fitness companion” and “a more immediate, intimate way to connect” with “innovation in every interaction”.  The watches are customizable with millions of different possible combinations.  Not only are there options from two different face sizes, various different styles of bands, and over two million different designs for the face.  The watches also come in three different collections: the original Apple Watch, the Watch Sport, and the Watch Edition.  Applications available on the watch include the regular apps such as Calendar, Maps, Music, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Weather, Siri, Messages, Phone, Mail, and many more.  The watch also features a “Digital Touch” function specific to Apple Watch which lets you connect with other Apple Watch users by sending quick sketches or even your heartbeat.  Another unique feature of the watch is the Apple Pay function which is unique to the Apple Watch.

Release date Spring 2015.  Prices starting $349.


Samsung’s Wearable Technology Line


Samsung’s wearable technology collection includes the Gear S, the Gear 2, the Galaxy Gear watch, the Gear Live, the Gear Fit, and the Gear 2 Neo.  Each of these different watches boasts distinctly different features.  Some run a Tizen operating system, while others such as the Gear Live run an Android OS.  Most have swappable bands and voice control technology.  The Galaxy S and the Gear Fit both have curved faces, although the Gear Fit is also water proof and more suited to active movement.  The Gear Live also focuses on daily activities and health with a built in pedometer and a heart rate monitor.  All of the watches are built to seamlessly integrate technology with your daily life.  The Galaxy Gear offers hands free phone calls while the Gear 2 has a camera and a Stand Alone Music Player. 

Prices starting from $149 for the Gear Fit.

Intel’s MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) 


Slightly different from competing brands’ smart watches, Intel’s MICA (My Intelligent Communications Accessory) focuses on design as well as function.  The watches are, according to their website, “Designed by Opening Ceremony, Engineered by Intel”.  Although the design is an important focus of these watches, they also offer regular features such as Messaging, Notifications, and a Calendar.  The watch offers up to two days of battery life, and is charged with Standard Micro USB charging.  Most reviews of the product agree that the watch definitely favors design over function; you can’t input your own messages via text or audio and there are a few other technological inconveniences such as the distinct mobile number, unconnected to your phone, that is needed.  However, the bracelets were designed well, with an 18k gold coating and either black water snake skin, pearls and lapis stones or white water snake skin, tiger’s eye and obsidian depending on which model you choose.  The face of the watch is hidden on the inner band of the watch, so that it appears to be a large bangle instead of a technology accessory.

Set to release in December at Barney’s.  Prices starting at $495.

What do you think, Smart Girls?  Would you ever consider buying a smart watch?  Or is the price point currently too high to consider investing in one?  How important is the design of the watch – is it worth the extra money?


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