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Ever since it started in the late 90’s, the well-known television show Friends has touched the hearts of many. Whether it was because of the fashion, the comedy, or the heart of each character—this show will go down in history as one of the best television sitcoms. Netflix has recently released all ten seasons of this iconic show sparking the obsession again with a whole new generation of viewers. One of the main characters Rachel Green is centered in the world of fashion and expresses it in many ways on the show. Ms. Green is a fashion icon and her style throughout the show has evolved, just like her character, making the show’s followers love her even more. Here are some classics she wore through the ten seasons that helped put together the character we know and love.

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  • Denim, Denim, Denim!: Ms. Green loved her denim and was very innovative with it. Whether it was a denim vest, denim overalls, or good old denim jeans, she always knew how to rock it.


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  • Layering up!: Ms. Green knew how to layer but not just with jackets! Rachel loved wearing those long sleeve shirts under tee shirts, which is very 1990-esc.




  • Business Casual: From her job at Bloomingdales to her job at Ralph Lauren, Rachel knew how to pull off the business casual look in the most fashion friendly way. Pairing a collared shirt with a cute sweater always gave her that personal shopper/ office executive appearance.






  • Crop top: It would not be surprising if Rachel Green were held responsible for sparking the obsession with crop tops. She successfully incorporated it in her outfits and made everyone watching want to wear one too!



  • Belts and Ties: Ms. Green loved to include cool looking belts or ties in her style. Although, a unique spin on the accessory was when she wore it around her neck and within her clothing. She always loved putting a spin on her outfits to give it some extra flare.




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  • School Girl Skirt: Most adults would have not been able to handle the schoolgirl mini skirt, but have no fear because Rachel Green was not one of them. In various episodes, Rachel was able to incorporate the mini skirt in her outfits giving her a nice feminine touch.


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