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Sonya Romero
Sonya Romero

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The world needs more people like Sonya Romero, a kindergarten teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She may be one of the best teachers out there. Because this woman is so amazing, Ellen DeGeneres decided to bring her on the show to help spread her story. Most of her students, about 75%, live in poverty. At the start of every day, Romero asks the children if they are in need of breakfast, toiletry needs or anything of the sort. She claims that the beginning of each day, the class goes through simple procedures to take care of these issues that any student may have. “I feel as educators we are sort of the first responders.” Her son sitting in the audience said that he was very proud of his mom with everything she is doing. On one Friday, Child Protected Services came to the school to take two of the children. Romero says this is never a good thing when the service needs to come to the school for children. When the CPS could not find the two children an emergency home to take them to, Romero offered without any hesitation. “They’re beautiful children.” What was supposed to be 48 hours turned into a week, which turned into a month, and now a total of six months and counting, Romero became their official foster mother. Everyone at the school loves Ms. Romero saying that she is fun, gives comfort, and many want to be just like her. The Principal of the school stated that Romero is “the embodiment of all the best at the school.” While watching the clip put together for The Ellen Show, Romero, Ellen, and even her son all got choked up spreading some tears. From all of her hard work, Target, a sponsor for the show, gave Sonya Romero a check for $10,000. Because Ellen knew that Romero would donate all of that money right towards the school, Target gave Lew Wallace Elementary School one also for $10,000 as well. Sonya Romero is one individual that “Pays it Forward” in her community and is an inspiration for the world  to see.

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