5 Hobbies to Pick up For an Exciting Summer

Image via http://scrapbooking.lovetoknow.com/how-smash-book-guide


Image via http://www.diyncrafts.com/6561/fashion/40-brilliantly-easy-summer-shorts-can-diy

Image via http://www.diyncrafts.com/6561/fashion/40-brilliantly-easy-summer-shorts-can-diy

1. Become a craft fanatic!

Whether it’s making your own jewelry, a photo window of your best pictures with friends, or even sewing your own shorts, summer is the perfect time to do all of those DIY tutorials you keep scrolling past on pinterest. Come fall, you will be swimming in all of your crafts.


 2. Try a class at the gym

Shed your winter clothes and put on some workout pants! Anything from yoga to extreme cycling, not only will you be able to shake up your summer, but it will also help you tone your summer body! If you won’t feel like signing up for a class, or are to tight on money, try some yoga basics or some of these smart girls approved fun ways to work out!


3. Experiment with your culinary skills a chef for a bit!

It seem a little strange to spend your summer inside your kitchen, but every summer has a few rainy days. Why not make them worthwhile by exploring your culinary potential? These treats are perfect for a nice day on the beach, or just a day spent with good friends. You can also try these nice summer pizzas that you can make yourself.


Image via http://scrapbooking.lovetoknow.com/how-smash-book-guide

Image via http://scrapbooking.lovetoknow.com/how-smash-book-guide

4. Make a summer smash book

A smash book is a kind of scrapbook that consists of just gluing (or smashing) all sorts of pictures and mementos into a book, along with whatever you want. All you really need for a quick and simple smash book is any old sketchbook and some glue, now just grab some disposable cameras and start making memories!


5. Read all those books on your list!

Whether it be required reading for school, the latest buzz books,  books that have been collecting dust on your shelves, or the perfect beach read, summer is the perfect time to lounge around with a book and waste the day away!


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