4 Fitness Classes to Try This Summer

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While a nice run on a beautiful summer day can be an amazing work out, if you’re like me you may need a little bit more structure to your exercise agenda. I love taking classes that have a focus. No matter what the focus, or what you’re into—I’m sure there is a class for you. Fitness classes also hold you accountable because you make a commitment to a group and are encouraged to continue when you feel the urge to slow down. Summer is a great time to try out a variety of classes to find the perfect fit for you!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.56.38 PMMy first suggestion is to find a spin gym with real ryder bikes near you. These studios are few and far between, as they are a brand new commodity in the world of workouts. What makes these bikes different than regular spin bikes is that they are “stationary” bikes. Real ryder gives the rider the fluid sensation of an outdoor bike ride. The riding consists of an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements and therefore provides you with a more comprehensive, functional total body workout.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.59.09 PMAnother suggestion for a unique and entertaining workout experience is Surfset. Although it may be more difficult to find than your average run-of-the-mill gym, it is definitely worth investigating! The Board was created so that users could feel like they were surfing and receive the physical effects. The motion of the board helps you to train the same muscles surfers train, without the water. The classes are fun while very intense. I love that the workout is core intensive without feeling like all you’re doing is sit-ups.

yoga-classes-300x199If these ideas don’t suit your fancy—and they may not as some people would prefer a more calming workout, yoga is always a great option. There are two very popular types of yoga class that spice up the basic idea. Hot yoga, also known as bikram yoga, has grown very popular among yoga lovers. Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a studio that is heated to 105 F and 40 percent humidity. Bikram is a 90-minute program that consists of a series of 26 different poses that require control over your body’s major muscle groups. The combination of the poses and the heat is intended to raise your heart rate while also exhausting your muscles. However, Bikram is not for everyone and anyone with any heart related issues should always consult a doctor before subjecting your body to the conditions of bikram. Antigravity yoga is another, less humid, but still challenging option. This method combines yoga positions with pilates and dance to form a graceful, easy-on-the-joints option for working out. It was originally formulated for athletes but modified to fit the everyday athlete’s needs.

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Lastly, Zumba has become a popular option in the work out world. But this new play on zumba is called pound class. Pound is cardio- focused, class which combines pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and isometric poses into a 45-minute intense jam session. What I like about this class is that it allows athletes to strengthen and sculpt muscles that are less frequently used than some others that usually are worked out. Pound allows for a large number of calories to be burned producing a leaner body. It is at the opposite end of the spectrum from a yoga class as it relates to volume and vibe but works some of the same infrequently used muscles that a yoga class would. I recommend that anyone who has enjoyed a Zumba class try this new method this summer.

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