Becoming Your Best Self This Summer


Elizabeth-Olsen-shows-off-summer-spirit-while-w5dIJTJ-EKvl1Summer is a time for change, to shed your old skin and try something new. So this summer, why not try to be the best you?

It’s not that hard to do so just try out these simple steps.

Exercise can do more than just tone your body or help you lose weight. It can also improve your mood by stimulated many chemicals in your brain and leaving you feeling happier, more relaxed, or even more confident. It can boost your energy by causing your cardiovascular system to better itself by getting oxygen to your tissues, and make it easier for you to fall asleep at night.

2. Embrace your quirks.
In other words, be proud of who you are. It can hard to learn how to be confident, but it’s not impossible. Learning how to love yourself is an important step in learning how to be your best self. Even if you have doubts about them, just embrace them. Hiding who you are can only hurt you.

3. Give back
Nothing feels better than helping someone else, and it can really help you center yourself. You don’t have to give your money, you can simply give your time. Help out an animal shelter, volunteer to work a camp, work at a soup kitchen or a food pantry.

4. Focus on yourself
If there’s something about you that you’ve always wanted to change, go for it. Say you have trouble waking up- set as many alarms as you can in order to get yourself up at the time that you desire.

5. Keep a journal
It might sound unrelated, but keeping a journal can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. Nothing quite helps you unwind and find yourself like writing everything down. All you need is a notebook and a writing utensil and you have a nice way to kill some time!

6. Speak up
Not in the big sense, but in the little one. Put yourself out there, talk to new people. Staying inside your shell and keeping quiet isn’t going to do you any good.

7. Try something new
Who knows what kind of hidden talents you can have hiding inside? Pick up an instrument, try to dance, paint something. Have anything that you haven’t done but you’ve always want to try? Why not start now!

8. Let it go
Listen to Elsa, ladies. Let it go of all the negative energy that is holding you down. Looking on the bright side of life makes everything better.

9. Give more compliments
Do you remember that one time that a random stranger told you a compliment and then just walked away? I do. Be the kind of person that does that, just for the fun of it. It can makes someone’s day.

10. Try something completely spontaneous
But make sure you’re safe
Rock climbing? Go for it.
Dye your hair pink? Why not.
Trampoline? Sure.
Even something as simple as learning to do a cartwheel can make a difference.

book outside11. Read an autobiography
Nothing quite helps to find out how to be the best you like reading from someone else’s point of view. Check out these smart girls approved autobiographies if you aren’t sure where to start!

12. Get off the phone.
Go for a walk and explore nature every once in a while; who knows what’s out there waiting for you?

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Faith Gravemann

Faith Gravemann is an editorial intern at Smart Girls Group. She attends University of Missouri- Columbia (Mizzou) and is majoring in journalism. She enjoys reading, writing, watching NASCAR, spoiling her cat and independent bookstores.